Smart by night, a zero-emission journey in the Eternal City

Smart by night, a zero-emission journey in the Eternal City
Smart by night, a zero-emission journey in the Eternal City

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 15 – A ride by night on board the electric Smart among the beauties of the Eternal city. A tribute to the love that has always linked the small city car to Rome, a city that holds the record for the record number of smart drivers on the road (over 200 thousand from 1998 to today).
The smart by night electrified the Capital for one night to discover the unique and evocative places of the Great Beauty (to quote the film by Paolo Sorrentino which won the Oscar in 2013), retracing the timeless beauties of Fellini’s Dolce Vita. From the Colosseum to the Brancaccio passing through the Capitoline Museums, the smart by night was an opportunity to test the potential of the full electric version of the urban car, capable with its 2.70 meters in length to experience the city without stress (135 WLTP of autonomy). There is also no need to worry about recharging, which with a 2.2 kW domestic socket allows you to complete 80% in less than six hours while charging is 40 minutes with a 22 kW wallbox / column.
The queen of city cars is available in Italy in four lines: pure, passion, pulse and prime, made even richer by two dedicated packages that underline the character of the versions. Prices start at 25,210 euros for the fortwo, 25,832, for the four-seater version forfour, to reach 28,577 with the smart EQ fortwo cabrio.
Cool and essential design with voluminous, very pronounced wheel arches. Short overhangs, many customizable elements: the new generation exteriors are typically Smart. The fully integrated LED headlights, available on request, and the redesigned radiator grilles link directly to the latest showcars.
The interior stands out above all for the introduction of new storage compartments and the new concept of User Experience. The next generation of Infotainment offers a direct smartphone integration that allows the customer to move even in the car in the same digital environment he is used to. The driver can consult information on the status of his car, recharge the battery, find a free parking space and be guided there, organize the load in the trunk of your smart, share the car with friends and family or find your smart without effort: all this is offered by smart EQ Control and “ready to” services thanks to some, simple mobile applications. The completely renewed user interface makes using the services a breeze, making every smart a real connected car.
The equipment has been reorganized in a simplified structure to the maximum, in typical smart style. The basic model is available in three trim versions: passion, pulse and prime. In addition, for each version it is possible to choose one of the three available equipment packages: Advanced, Premium or Exclusive. The customer just has to choose the color and that’s it. In just three steps, everyone can configure their smart as they prefer.
With the 22 kW on-board charger with fast charging function, available on request, even charging the new models from 10 to 80% takes less than 40 minutes if the circumstances allow for three-phase charging. As for the recharging network, currently the capital can boast of a remarkably virtuous infrastructural network, even compared to other Italian cities, and above all in continuous and rapid expansion: according to the data released by Mercedes Benz Italy, the network in the city Eterna consists of 1,050 wallboxes, 18 recharging points at dealers and 131 at affiliated car parks. A constantly growing recharge network, just as the electrified line up of the brand is growing, able to offer solutions to customers for all tastes, pockets and ‘sizes’. (HANDLE).

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Smart night zeroemission journey Eternal City

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