Jiacc-Dar Al Sharia agreement, new opportunities for Italy

Jiacc-Dar Al Sharia agreement, new opportunities for Italy
Jiacc-Dar Al Sharia agreement, new opportunities for Italy

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July 16, 2021 03:42 AM

Rome, July 15 (Labitalia) – The collaboration agreement has been signed between the Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce and the consultancy firm Dar Al Sharia, one of the largest consultancy companies in the world in terms of Sharia compliance, able to provide solutions innovative and tailor-made in the field of Islamic finance. The progressive growth of Islamic finance is a phenomenon that fascinates the global financial sector.

According to S&P global, the sector is worth 2,200 billion dollars and will grow double-digit in the next two years. The industry continued to grow last year despite the Covid-19 pandemic, albeit at a slower pace than in 2019, with global Islamic assets expanding by 10.6% in 2020 versus growth of 17.3. % of the previous year.

Dar Al Sharia provides strategic consulting services that enable its clients to have access to the full range of global Islamic finance tools. World leader in the sector, awarded with the most prestigious international awards, the company boasts more than 1500 successful transactions, for an estimated value of over 100 billion dollars.

The collaboration will make it possible to provide consulting services on the subject of Sharia compliance to Italian authorities, organizations, companies and specialized organizations, which will thus be able to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to attract investments according to the principles of Islamic finance.

Furthermore, the collaboration will facilitate Italian companies in developing effective strategies for penetrating the markets of different latitudes, from North America to Australia, which are part of the growing number of countries that resort to Islamic finance.

“We are extremely satisfied and proud of the agreement reached, which allows Jiacc to play a leading role as a bridge between the Italian business and economic fabric and the large pool of turnout and opportunities offered by Islamic finance”, said the vice president, Pietro Paolo Rampino, promoter of the agreement.


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