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The forecast of tomorrow, Friday 16 July, announce a day gray e thunderstorm over much of Italy. Widespread instability will be accompanied by a drop in temperatures and will pave the way for an equally troubled weekend, with showers and hailstorms lurking.

Weather alert Emilia Romagna, more thunderstorms are coming: here’s where

The team writes that Friday the low pressure vortex already active in the North “it will begin to move its center of gravity towards the South, involving many areas of the Center with its load of instability”. Bad weather will therefore prevail over almost all the central-northern areas, starting from the Alps, the Pre-Alps and the Po-Veneto plain, which will have to deal with temporal, hail e strong gusts of wind. The phenomena will then involve “Tuscany, Umbria, internal Lazio and Marche, and at the end of the day also Abruzzo and Molise”, reads the website.

It goes without saying that, as anticipated at the beginning, the depression vortex will significantly affect the climate, causing the mercury column to drop a few degrees in the Center-North. On the rest of the country, the weather will continue to be mostly sunny, despite a progressive increase in cloud cover between Puglia and Basilicata.

Summer will remain partially on hiatus even over the weekend. According to 3BMeteo between Saturday 17 e Sunday 18 July we will witness a worsening of time also in the South, where, among other things, temperatures will decrease due to the influx of cooler currents. At the same time, the disturbed front will tend to “move away from the northern regions”, say the experts; “thus favoring an improvement by the end of the week starting from the North West and the upper Tyrrhenian”. Especially on Sunday, reports, the showers could be particularly violent in the South, with the risk of exceptional hailstorms e isolated tornadoes. To get a more precise picture, however, it will be necessary to wait as always for the next bulletins.

The detailed weather forecast for Friday 16 July

Unstable weather already in the morning, with thunderstorms and showers almost everywhere, but especially in the Alps, Prealps, Piedmont and Lombardy. Maximum temperatures: 24 ° in Genoa, 25 ° in Turin and Milan.

Bad weather in Emilia Romagna, Alps and Pre-Alps, in the afternoon extension on the plains of Veneto. Cloudy but drier elsewhere. Maximum temperatures: 25 ° in Bolzano, 22 ° in Bologna, 27 ° in Venice.

Mostly sunny start to the day with the exception of southern Tuscany. Then it worsens in a widespread way on all peninsular regions, with even severe storms. Nice weather in Sardinia. Maximum temperatures: 27 ° in Cagliari, Florence and Rome.

South and Islands
Sun prevailing over almost all regions, but with decreasing pressure. As the hours go by, the sky becomes more and more covered over Molise, Basilicata and Gargano. Maximum temperatures: 28 ° in Naples, 30 ° in Bari, 29 ° in Palermo.

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