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The action of the island Assoforense does not stop to try to solve the double puzzle constituted by the dysfunctions of the local judicial center and the concrete danger of its closure. Next Thursday 22 July, at 11.30 am, at the request of the President of the ANCIM Francesco Del Deo who had acknowledged the requests of the Assoforense, a delegation of lawyers will go to the capital where they will be welcomed at the Ministry of Justice. The delegation will be composed of the president of the Assoforense of Ischia Gianpaolo Buono, the president of the Council of the Order of Naples Antonio Tafuri, the representative of the National Forensic Council Francesco Caia, and the president of Ancim himself. The news, which arrived yesterday evening, rekindles hopes for a resolution of the problems that grip the local justice, thanks to a renewed dialogue with current political references.

In recent days, the breezy meeting with the head of the cabinet of the Ministry of Justice was scheduled, which however has been postponed, as the period is not the most propitious: the government, already grappling with the consequences of the health emergency, has also focused his attention on the justice reform project. A circumstance that made the mission of the association’s board even more unlikely, which in any case went to the Region the other day to try to take stock of the situation; an attempt is also made to maintain contact with parliamentary groups.

Also next week, precisely on Wednesday 21st, the Assoforense board led by president Gianpaolo Buono will participate in the extraordinary session of the Council of the Naples Bar Association, precisely to discuss the problems that afflict the detached section of Ischia. Meanwhile, the evolution of events made it impossible to schedule the associative assembly within the month of July, as initially proposed.

At this point, it is realistic to think that it will be postponed to September. The last one took place in mid-May, when the island’s justice had ended in the storm due to the matter relating to the transfer of the coordinator of the section of via Michele Mazzella, Dr. Polcari, especially in relation to what had leaked from the proposed resolution of the Superior Council of the Judiciary on this transfer, in particular with regard to certain expressions used by the former president of the court who called for the closure of the island’s judicial office. Words that triggered the harsh reaction of the island’s professionals, to the point of declaring a state of permanent agitation, without excluding more insightful initiatives. Meanwhile, the detached section continues to suffer from a lack of staff, which directly reverberates on the daily hearing and management of proceedings.



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