Open schools and mayor of the night, the Gualtieri plan for Rome – Lazio

Open schools and mayor of the night, the Gualtieri plan for Rome – Lazio
Open schools and mayor of the night, the Gualtieri plan for Rome – Lazio

Interview with ANSA, focuses on Recovery and came with many women

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 15 – Roberto Gualtieri lays the foundations for the city model he has in mind and which he wants to offer to the Romans.

The center-left candidate for mayor of Rome, in an interview with ANSA, has in fact outlined the features of his capital, a city on a human scale that focuses on services but also aims high. The exponent dem starts thinking of the new generations, with a new school model: “We need to extend full time and keep schools open also in the afternoon”. So “schools, school gyms, lecture halls” for Gualtieri “can be transformed into lived-in places, networked with each other and on the web to host events, workshops, coworking, educational and social projects after school hours”.

To implement a plan for school reorganization, according to the candidate of the Democratic Party, “a department is needed to plan the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the schools”. Gualtieri then relaunches the proposal made by his competitor in the primary, Tobia Zevi: “Mayor of the night? Is an interesting proposal, it already exists in other countries and could manage an important phase of city life, which must be governed and not suffered, for example on facing mobility, waste, safety “. For Gualtieri the fundamental objective would in fact be “to protect the residents” and at the same time “to guarantee opportunities for culture and work”. The dem aims at a possible relaunch with the funds of the Recovery Plan: “They are an extraordinary opportunity that should not be wasted. For Rome there are 500 million for sustainable tourism also in view of the Jubilee, 300 million for the Cinecitta ‘project and the supply chain of audiovisual. And then resources to create 75 community centers for territorial social and health assistance “. The formation of the Giunta is the culmination of the participation process that will lead us to the elections. “But of one thing the dem is certain:” We will choose the best and we will have many women “(ANSA).


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Open schools mayor night Gualtieri plan Rome Lazio

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