scandalous and unprecedented choice –

scandalous and unprecedented choice –
scandalous and unprecedented choice –
of Antonella Baccaro

Protest for the expulsion from the board of directors, But the Forza Italia-Carroccio axis does not stop and aims for the presidency

Not over yet. Who thinks that the exclusion of the only opposition councilor, Giampaolo Rossi (Brothers of Italy), from RAI board of directors is the last move of the center-right to climb the company, he is wrong. It has a nice appeal to the leader Giorgia Meloni to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, of which he says I am sorry that he did not intervene on a scandalous decision, an unprecedented violation of the most banal norms of pluralism. The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, explains to the ally that the presence of Lega and FI members on the Rai board of directors will guarantee pluralism for everyone, including the opposition, to balance an eternal dominance of the left in public television, unfortunately confirmed also on the occasion of these latest appointments.

After all, Salvini, who suffered a lot from the Copasir affair(of which he had to leave the presidency to FdI), supporting the blue candidate he was also able to return the favor received three years ago by Forza Italia, when the League ruled with the M5S, and Berlusconi allowed Marcello Foa to be elected president of Rai , also there, for the first time, giving a shoulder to the practice that wanted a guarantee figure in that role.

To gloat for today especially Forza Italia who has worked hard in the area of ​​communication between the undersecretary for publishing, the presidency of the Supervisory Authority and now the seat on the Rai board of directors for Simona Agnes. But the plot, hatched, they say, by the timeless Gianni Letta, is missing a piece: the attempt to take over the presidency. It will not be easy – we whisper – but we try. Immediately.

Yesterday the Council of Ministers and the Rai assembly gave the green light to the appointments, proposed by the Treasury, by Carlo Fuortes and Marinella Soldi, who today will join the new board of directors who will elect the president. Here, while abstaining, Lega and FI do not have the numbers to avoid the designation of Soldi. Then the game of ratification opens in the Supervisory Committee, by qualified majority: 27 votes out of 40. If Lega and Forza Italia really made a wall with their 13 votes (plus President Barachini abstaining) Money would miss the election. Even without counting those who, in the secret of the ballot box, could make the nine councilors of the M5S miss, disappointed by the choice, by the Movement, of a councilor, Majo, who was not the one they indicated. And even some of the restless Democratic Party.

But the tactic of the center right does not even get to the ballot box, discouraging the vote on Soldi and diverting it to Simona Agnes (Forza Italia) in a negotiation that would take place earlier, at the highest levels. But is it really conceivable that Salvini and Berlusconi get in the way of Draghi on Rai? The presidency, at this point, should go to the only non-politically nominated board member: Riccardo Lagan, elected by the employees the proposal of Vittorio Di Trapani, Secretary of Usigrai, who defined the blitz of the majority as a serious precedent.

As for FdI, which is now calling for the presidency of the Supervisory Authority, the blue Elio Vit surprisingly helps themor, according to which the correct demand for respect for pluralism, which should be even more stringent in a period of “great majority”. And, as proof that even among the Azzurri there is no shortage of stomach ache, it should be noted that Renato Schifani abstained in the Senate in the vote on the board.

July 15, 2021 (change July 15, 2021 | 23:20)


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