Covid, hundreds of Italians on vacation blocked abroad: 300 blocked in Dubai, quarantine for 150 in Malta. Farnesina: “Risky travels”

Study holidays, stays atestero and return to Italy made a jeopardy from the coronavirus. Three hundred boys stuck to Dubai for the feedback of 11 positives that, in a few hours, turned into a maxi outbreak of 200 people. Fifteen teenagers, on the other hand, had their graduation trip ruined on the Greek island of Ios because five of them have contracted Covid. Only the 10th of July others 150 Italians have been subjected to a forced quarantine a Malta due to another outbreak. A succession of episodes that led to the Farnesina to intervene: “Every move involves health risks”, reads a note from the Foreign Ministry.

Maybe it is too soon to start traveling again, perhaps one is more careful to enjoy the journey than to stay cautious. But with the newfound possibility of reaching foreign destinations, thanks also to green pass europeo, precautions such as “pass” tampons and precautions during stays seem not to be enough anymore. Thus, even those who leave on organized trips in complete safety or in small groups risk seeing each other ruined holidays from Covid. With all the unpleasant consequences that come with it.

Study vacation in Dubai ruined– Canceled return flight and forced isolation for 300 students minors who went on a study holiday a Dubai. Left on June 30 with a trip organized by Inps and the tour operator British Academy, 11 of them were found positive for Covid during the trip. And after the double swab investigations, the number has grown out of all proportion, becoming an outbreak of 200 people in all. The infection would have occurred during a visit to a city ​​market. There are no serious situations among the children, but certainly the emergency accommodation and the impossibility of returning home is proving heavy and worrying both for them and for their parents. Meanwhile, the group of students is constantly monitored by one task force of doctors and paramedics along with the Italian consulate of Dubai

Fifteen boys in Ios, 150 Italians in Malta – A similar episode involved 15 Venetian students who cannot return to Italy after their high school graduation trip a Ios, in Greece. They were supposed to return on July 14, but the discovery of Covid positivity of five of them messed up their plans. They will need to remain in solitary confinement until the relevant health authorities are satisfied that the infection is over. July 10, on the other hand, others 150 Italians they got stuck on another island, that of Malta. Among them many minors. After a long organization between the Italian embassy and the Maltese local authorities, the younger holidaymakers were all transported to a hotel in Saint Julian, which was converted into Covid Hotel for the occasion.

The recommendations of the Farnesina – There has been no serious Covid case, but the inconveniences – when they are not strictly sanitary – they can occur in other respects. How to manage hundreds of people blocked abroad, in close dialogue with foreign authorities, to think of one emergency management that it is optimal. Or organize continuous checks by means of swabs and tests and facilities that are suitable for quarantines. Not to mention the psychological implication and personal of the unexpected affair, with people often minors blocked a thousands of miles away, lacking the resources to manage a forced stay while in Italy family members remain in constant apprehension. Faced with all this, with the number of similar episodes appearing to increase as the summer progresses, the Farnesina has released a note in which he underlines the serious possibility of being abroad in difficulty due to Covid. “Since January 2020, the health emergency caused by COVID-19 has persisted all over the world”, recalls the Ministry. Therefore, every move abroad can pose a risk, and travelers undergoing a swab to return “must consider the possibility that the test gives a positive result.”

The note from the Farnesina concludes by referring to the common sense and to arealistic organization travel, “also contemplating the possibility of having to spend an additional period abroad”. An eventuality that no vacationer would hope for and which is often considered unlikely, while enjoying the holidays amidst leisure and small freedoms after 18 months of restrictions and pandemics.

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