Rai, La Russa attacks Lega and Forza Italia: “They want to blow up the center-right”

“Why did they do it? Out of greed for power, out of bulimia, out of spite, because” you demanded … the Copasir “? Or out of calculation? Is there anyone hoping to create a short circuit and blow up the center right?” .

The deputy president of the Senate says so Ignazio La Russa during the FdI conference on the renewal of the Rai Board of Directors. “99% of the center-right voters want – if our allies put it well in their heads – that together we will beat the left and Cinquestelle. If someone wants to create the conditions for the center-right to jump, say so. Repair the stolen goods and let us understand that he has how goal to go as soon as possible “to vote.

Rai, the center-right splits on the board and on the appointment of Soldi gives battle

by Giovanna Vitale

July 14, 2021

La Russa’s outburst comes after the appointment, which took place yesterday, of the members of the Rai Board, which led to the exclusion of the only member of the opposition: Giampaolo Rossi, outgoing councilor, in the Brothers of Italy quota. Up Simona Agnes, president of the Biagio Agnes Foundation, Forza Italia area, the votes of Lega and Forza Italia converged. La Leha voted for Igor De Biasio. The other councilors are Alessandro di Majo (M5s); Francesca Bria (Pd).

Rai Board of Directors, De Biasio and Di Majo elected to the Senate. To the Bria and Agnes room. The center-right splits. The wrath of the 5S

July 14, 2021

“Is there a chance to fix it? I don’t know. Mattarella has to take care of it. I think this time his moral suasion should be felt. And Draghi himself too. We can’t wait for that. Mario Draghi copy Pontius Pilate. FdI has chosen not to pretend, but it is not an extra seat that changes our lives, it is that a majority like this is scary “, added La Russa.” Why should RAI supervision remain with Mr. Barachini? With all due respect to him. “

Giorgia Meloni also brings up the Quirinale: “An unprecedented violation of the most banal rules of pluralism. State television is paid with the money of all Italians. Today it is estimated that 20% of those Italians vote for FdI and FdI he has no presence or representation either on the Rai board of directors or the chairman of the Rai supervisory commission, which usually belongs to the opposition. I am sorry that the highest institutional positions, starting with President Mattarella, have not decided to intervene “.

Meanwhile, the Council of Ministers confirmed the Fuortes-Soldi tandem for the heads of state television. Carlo Fuortes he will therefore be the next CEO of Rai, to the presidency Marinella Soldi.


Rai Russa attacks Lega Forza Italia blow centerright

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