“They will return to Italy only when they are all negative” – ​​Corriere.it

“They will return to Italy only when they are all negative” – ​​Corriere.it
“They will return to Italy only when they are all negative” – ​​Corriere.it
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Italian students are in quarantine in Dubai after 210 of them tested positive for Covid: the authorities, says a dad, have decided that they will all leave together

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates they decided that they will all leave together, that is when the over 200 positive guys at Covid tests will test negative. This means that even my daughter and the few who like her have never tested positive will have to wait anyway. Antonio C. Francesca’s father (invented name, ed), a student from Rome who is one of the approximately 300 Italian boys stuck in Dubai where they had just finished a study holiday organized byINPS in collaboration with the tour operator Accademia Britannica. On the phone with the Corriere della Sera he describes the situation as hard and heavy and says he is worried about Francesca, who has just turned 18 and is very much tried. At this precise moment stands in a corridor with his suitcase because they are moving her to another room on campus where she will remain in solitary confinement.

Emergency management

The campus where he spent his study vacation, but the redistribution of the rooms due to the decision to separate the positives (which are now the vast majority, 70 or maybe 80% as Antonio explains) from the negatives. Among the other measures taken to manage the emergency, as Antonio reports at the end of a meeting between his parents, the Italian Consulate and the British Academy, the setting up of an assistance team made up of doctors and psychologists and the departure of a doctor from Italy within a couple of days to check the situation on the spot. The expenses of the first 15 days of isolation they will be supported thanks to insurance against Covid while then, Antonio assures, the British Academy has undertaken the commitment to cover the costs if the stay of the boys were to be prolonged.

The study holiday in Dubai

Young people, arriving from all over Italy, they left for Dubai on June 30th. Francesca one of the greatest: They all have from 15 to 18 years, but most are still minors, emphasizes the pope. The study holiday went smoothly, with lessons in the morning and activities in the afternoon, and the group was supposed to leave yesterday, July 14th. But on July 12, two days before departure, it was 11 positive cases diagnosed that the next day, at the test of the second tampon, I am shot up to 210.

The no of the authorities at the departure

In the meantime, the management of the situation became more and more chaotic: At first it seemed that only the positives should have stayed in Dubai, while the negatives could have taken flight to Italy. Francesca was in fact accompanied to the airport together with other companions but they were blocked again – explains Antonio – They spent an entire day in the airport without knowing what would happen but in the end, in the evening, they were brought back to campus. Here they have been swab again.

The uncertainty about returning to Italy

The results arrived this morning and Francesca immediately notified her parents with a message: it was negative. But he will still have to remain in solitary confinement and wait until all of his 300 comrades are negative. Only then will they be able to all together, return to Italy, repeats the pope. In retrospect, he and his wife wondered if perhaps they should have asked their daughter to give up the trip, given the situation. She had already been on a similar trip last year and had enjoyed it very much. Precisely for this reason we let it go also this summer. Also because, given the difficult year our kids have spent between dad and all the restrictions against Covid, how could we deny her such a beautiful experience and that we thought safe? – he reflects – We never imagined that this chaos would happen. Now the situation for our daughter is really tough.

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