#frequency. Andrea Bernaudo is a candidate for mayor of Rome

#frequency. Andrea Bernaudo is a candidate for mayor of Rome
#frequency. Andrea Bernaudo is a candidate for mayor of Rome

In the splendid setting of the Circolo Sportivo Flaminia in Rome, Andrea Bernaudo has officially launched his electoral campaign for the next administrative elections. The real estate broker has in fact presented his candidacy to become the new mayor of Rome. And it does so with the political movement Italian Liberists.

The reasons for his choice are all concentrated in a hashtag frequency. “Rome is the emblem of the bankruptcy of the Municipality” Bernaudo declares in front of the many citizens present who have decided to join and believe in his program. Rome needs a real one “Liberal revolution”. An administrative revolution based on 3 fundamental objectives: eliminating bureaucracy and local taxes, getting political parties and their clientele out of the operational management of all local public services and closing the countless cost and waste centers of the “common entrepreneur” and concentrating on real needs of citizens.

To solve the problems of the capital, according to its program, there is only one solution: to close the service contracts with all the municipal companies owned by the Municipality of Rome. Starting with Atac. “Mobility is the real development engine of a city. This is why it is our intention to close the service contracts with Atac and organize calls for tenders that will divide the service among the best excellences of free enterprise “. But the mayoral candidate also wants to put a final point on Ama. How? By organizing 4 tenders open to the free market, creating 4 plants to close the waste cycle and with savings in management and energy produced abolish the Tari. Therefore, less taxes, shouts Andrea Bernaudo, less bureaucracy and more freedom. “If we have reached this level it is because those who had to do something have turned their heads the other way just to keep their electoral basin alive and open”. A “Clan of the statesmen”, so defines them the former regional councilor of Lazio. On the other hand, he says there is only the big hole caused by the bankruptcy of the municipal companies and in fact a bad management of the problem. “When a company fails”, dice, “they take the books to court but if the state fails, well, then it’s the citizens who have to refinance it. This is no longer tolerable. The time has come to change the administrative form ”.

In his speech, the theme of tax burden, public debt and unemployment, especially among young people, could not be missing. “Our children are no longer even able to do business and open a VAT number. The fault must be sought in a bureaucracy that throttles, in a slow and cumbersome administration but also and above all in those political parties governed by people who are concerned more with personal interests than those of citizens. They were unable to carry out the mission for which they were called “.

Andrea Bernaudo truly believes in a better future, in a Rome whose bureaucratic, administrative and judicial machinery can function efficiently and effectively.

“The real challenge”, conclude “Is to reach all the Romans. It is important to spread a message based on democracy and freedom “. For a capital that is finally free.

Silvia Roberto

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