Intelligent is the one who understands, serves and testifies to life

Intelligent is the one who understands, serves and testifies to life
Intelligent is the one who understands, serves and testifies to life

When sex suffers, love suffers and the Spirit suffers: how can the mind be kept sane?

The mind has only one great function: to know, to respect, to serve the forces of life that exist before it and to bring these forces to respect for what is outside and beyond it.

But, as I said, this function is healthy only when the fundamental impulses that supply it are healthy.

Who has the wrong sex, love and spirit, how can he have a sane mind?

Also at the biological level, it is noted that the autonomic system, carrier of the basic energies of life, arrives and connects in the tenth nerve to the endings of the central nervous system. The system responsible for integration is the hypothalamus.

So if the energies of the autonomic nervous system are disturbed, disordered, poisoned, what can they transmit to the mind?

The mind, however, is always placed to understand even these primary disorders. However, if they come from relationship, love and spirit disturbances, it is only the reparation of relationships, love or spirit that heals.

Too often it has been believed that the “understanding” of the mind repaired or healed the ills of the soul and body: this is not at all true.

But understanding is already an approach to the possibility of reparation.

Often, however, the mind, easily conditioned by the culture of the surrounding world, places itself more at the service of the outside than of the profound personal. In this way the mind, alienated and plagiarized, becomes the main enemy of sex, love and the spirit of life.

Such a disease of the mind, as occurs in paranoia, is, together with depression, the worst of man’s ills.

Indeed, fixation, presumption and paranoid pride are more common than depression. Individuals like Caligula, Hitler, Stalin, are intelligent but divided from themselves, from men and from God, they are always “right” even when they kill millions of people, even when they kill themselves.

This is the product of the disease of the mind that is generated when unloved people, conditioned by their own ego and by a rationalistic, materialistic and external power culture, are no longer able to grasp the stimuli of love and spirit.

In them, even sex will always be deviated, reduced, material, prostituted.

Even the paranoid are proof that sex without love and without spirit can never exist, except under the banner of violence.

Today all men of power or fixated on money, have a paranoid orientation or are paranoid. But they are also such because our whole customs is polluted by a certain culture, by a certain rationalistic philosophy and science, by a biological and mathematical discipline which for centuries have left the profoundness, love and spirit of man without God. . Today, under these influences of mental illness, we are conditioned and disordered within, disordered in the relationships between us, disordered in heaven, on earth and underground. This is the result of the arrogance of having placed man and the “goddess of Reason” at the center of the world. However, as history shows, it is precisely when the mind is placed at the center of man and the world that man becomes profoundly ignorant and unintelligent.

Intelligence is such only if it is ordered and in the service of life, not if it is in conflict, generating chaos and violent towards life.

Intelligent is the one who understands, serves and testifies to life.

Intelligent is not someone who isolates himself in his paranoid or depressed self, but who (respecting the sexual, relational, spiritual order of his own and others’ person) frees himself from any reduction in life, faces any violence or life error and self ‘he inserts into God’s grace and power to be free, joyful, moral, co-creator and co-redeemer with him.

Intelligent is one who is in the Spirit and is always a servant and ally of the order of the energies of life and of God.

Father Angelo Benolli

“Life does not respond to what I think”

Dear Father Angelo, blessed be your life, which allows me today, through the missionary movement of countless people, to enjoy a rebirth in God that restores the profound value of my life to my person. In the culture of life that has emerged through your being a prophet in our time, I have found the answers to all the drama of my existence. As a child I felt a very strong push towards poverty and I grasped its great power for the expression of my deepest self and for the contact with God; I would have liked to remain faithful to the high ideals in which I believed forever. Despite all my efforts, however, as I grew up, I lost contact with that so sacred part of me and considered it “the utopia of childhood”, thinking – because it was what I saw around me – that growing up meant compromising and reducing. , in the expression of oneself and in the relationship with others. What a disaster, then, the relationship with God! Growing up “good and good”, at a certain point I stopped feeling all vitality and concluded that nothing existed, beyond what the mind can understand. I felt alone and deprived of that strong consolation that could perhaps have relieved me of my great difficulties: in my family I had in fact absorbed, first of all in my cells, all the unresolved of previous generations: I was the victim of female sexual abuse, mistreatment and neglect , with the consequence that my body fell ill with the most disparate autoimmune diseases, my fertility was reduced so much that it prevented me from carrying a pregnancy to term – I lost two children due to as many ectopic pregnancies – and I discovered myself as a lesbian a few months after marriage .

Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, God never abandoned me and blessed my humble movement to try to get better. So, by grace, I found a therapist who did a great job on the unconscious with me, partly solving my physical problems and giving me some tools to manage relationships, in which I could never avoid putting myself in a situation of submission. However, these forms of help lacked that spirit that alone can allow you to truly face any situation that comes your way and I remained homosexual in my expression of identity, even before my erotic expression.

It is now almost eighteen months that I have been involved in Italia Solidale and the light of your books shines on my missionary movement and, with the concrete experiences of the communities, with my long-distance adoption, with connections with the South of the world and personal exchanges very profound, I am recovering that possibility of expressing myself without removing myself, prostituting myself or losing myself. All this brings me closer than ever to my “Potential I”. The road is still very long but Love supports me, as does the peace that comes from knowing that Life does not respond to what I think, believe or want and that one always enjoys or pays for. Even the presence, for me, of Mary and Jesus, which I never thought I could accept with my “rational mind”, became a real possibility for my spirit and supported me, together with God-Love, in the difficult moment that I have just lived, in which I was close to my father at the moment of his death. In this period I have understood even better the grandeur of what you, dear Father Angelo, have done for me and millions of other people in the world: in fact, all the “Yes” that the worthy people next to me have said in their life, allow it is up to me, today, to be here to enjoy this great, immense, necessary newness for my life. God is working continuous wonders before my eyes and now my heart is open to see them and so I was able to accompany my father with great relief, because I saw how the Love of God has relieved him from all that “pseudo-love-not love ”that since he was a child had deeply undermined his Identity, so much so that he continually escaped from the relationship with anyone. I thank the Lord who supported him and allowed him to die peacefully, stripped of all the superfluous that pollutes.

With my heart I bless the missionary movements of each one because, together, they have awakened me and helped me to see that life is full of miracles around us and that it is always and only our gaze on things, prey to the expectations of “I”, not to see and not to grasp. I pray that I too will be able to do for others what my friends, here in Italy and in the South of the World, have done for me, because today I truly experience for the first time the meaning of all those beautiful songs and psalms that I have always felt in the Church, without ever touching my life. God bless you, Father Angelo, together with the entire missionary movement of Italia Solidale – Mondo Solidale and keep us in our fullness of Identity, so that we can truly be salt for the earth and light for the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will try to repay the great Grace with which the Lord visited me by loving and saving the children of today and yesterday with the power of the Cross. Thanks thanks thanks!

Thank you letter a PA Benolli by Serena Casali (San Colombano al Lambro – Lodi Solidale)

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