“Situation still manageable, but we mustn’t beat around the bush”

“Situation still manageable, but we mustn’t beat around the bush”
“Situation still manageable, but we mustn’t beat around the bush”

Italy would aim for a local way of using the green pass, not as extensive as in France. A way to be defined. There is strong pressure on the minister for regional affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, who listens to the requests and pressures of the presidents of the region. “On this we are not pursuing foreign models but certainly the government will consider extending the use of the Green pass to other services in the logic of encouraging vaccinations”, explained the blue. “We are solving the health emergency, the economic emergency remains very strong. Italy must no longer close, we must continue with the maintenance of those reopening that are the result of a great deal of work and therefore the government will certainly have to evaluate the use. of the Green pass but without copying foreign models “added Gelmini on the sidelines of a meeting at the EU Parliament in Brussels. “Certainly the Draghi government and Italy will be able to find an Italian way,” he added.

The idea of ​​a mandatory green pass to access many different activities, including restaurants and bars, worries the representatives of public establishments. They fear two things: the impossibility of carrying out checks and the risk of customer flight. Finding a square won’t be easy. It must be a measure that takes into account the recovery of socio-economic stability (at the height of the tourist season) and the containment of infections.

The green pass on the French model for Andrea Crisanti “is fine if it does not create inequalities. For example, there is a problem with the issuance of certificates. Who does not have a smartphone or a PC, how does he do it? The paper version must also work. speed up access to vaccines, otherwise some will be penalized by a system like the French one “, warns the virologist. But, “if you want to give space and the opportunity to operate in the tourism sector then it is good to review the parameters as some Regions say, if instead you want to contain the contagion to avoid finding ourselves like last autumn then we need more restrictive criteria”, he concludes. Chrysants.

“Is the green pass better or the closures?”

“Is the green pass better or the closures? Those who are against it today do not cry over spilled milk if they will make us close due to an increase in infections”. The governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti writes on his Facebook page. “The situation is this – Toti writes -: infections are increasing everywhere and, probably, they will grow again. But if the infected are not so serious as to go to hospital, all in all we can hold up even keeping everything open. Now, who is wrong in the hospital even if he takes Covid? Simple: the vaccinated! Of the new hospitalized in Liguria, including the Delta variant, most – says Toti – were not vaccinated or had only one dose. No person who has completed the cycle is arriving in the hospitals. Therefore, getting vaccinated is essential. And I ask merchants, restaurateurs, bartenders, managers of discos, organizers of events and shows and much more: it is better to make an effort and check the green pass in certain situations or close the activities again if Will hospitalizations due to the unvaccinated increase? I say this now so that those who today oppose an extensive use of the green pass do not come to cry crocodile tears if we have to resort again to and closures! “, concludes the president Toti.

There are those, like Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice, who propose that the green pass is valid for “discos, airplanes, trains”, but not for restaurants.

Luca Zaia, president of Veneto summarizes the position of the Lega: it is a “delicate” question that must be evaluated by the CTS. “We – added the governor – have been beaten by the guarantor for the Green pass in hospitals. When you introduce such a measure you have to guarantee vaccines for all, and I do not think there is this availability. Macron’s decision is extreme but the vaccinated must have rights “, he concluded. Salvini is against the extended green pass as in France.

“All the solutions useful to restart Italy safely and definitively are welcome: we evaluate carefully and cautiously, but extending the use of the green pass could be decisive to guarantee a full economic recovery and a complete return to social life . Enough with the dangerous demagogy of the right that speaks out of the question of health dictatorship. Let’s help Italy to get up avoiding the risk of new outbreaks of contagions and possible new closures, which would be dramatic and unsustainable for our country “says Piero De Luca , vice president of the group of deputies of the Democratic Party.

“Yes to the green pass, a necessary tool”

“Yes to the green pass, a necessary tool to curb the growth of new infections. But it must be used immediately, before it is too late”: said Roberto Battiston, professor of experimental physics in Trento, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “We are still in a manageable situation, so we don’t have to beat around the bush. Throughout July we will keep below 10,000 cases a day. If something doesn’t change, in August it will double”, even if “vaccination activity will mitigate the wave and the summer season plays its part by preventing the spread of the virus outdoors “.

However, according to the numbers “until two days ago the total number of healed was higher than that of the newly infected. Now there is a clear reversal” and the compulsory green card to enter public places could be “an effective and reasonable tool that it would convince many people who are hesitant or who are afraid to immunize themselves with the risk of not being able to move from home. There are stronger ways, such as the obligation. The pass is the most suitable because it is for the protection of the individual. The message is: we we want to protect you from the risk of contagion and, in a certain sense, if you refuse the double dose we isolate you from society, we enclose you in a sort of micro red zone in your exclusive interest “.

“The growth is already exponential only that for now it is not scary as we are talking about small numbers. However, if the daily cases are at three zeros it takes nothing to precipitate. The activity of tracing cases and identifying outbreaks becomes impossible, hospitals fill up, the system can burst. Let’s prevent “, concludes the expert.

The position of Walter Ricciardi, full professor of general and applied hygiene at the Catholic University and scientific advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, spoke more clearly at ‘Agorà estate’, on Rai Tre: the ‘Italian-style’ Green pass, after a single dose “It should be archived”. The certification “can only be after the two doses. But by now there is everyone’s agreement on this”. On the subject “I believe we are proceeding. I am not familiar with the decision-making mechanism at the government level, but I know that they are moving in that direction”.

If the green pass masks a vaccination obligation

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