The Ponte Farnese in Rome floats, but it is made of cardboard

The Ponte Farnese in Rome floats, but it is made of cardboard
The Ponte Farnese in Rome floats, but it is made of cardboard

Hundreds of volunteers, children and students, young people, but not only have contributed to build and throw the Ponte Farnese in Rome, a “work of paper that evokes the unfinished project of Michelangelo Buonarroti. The French cultural institutions of the Italian capital have supported the an initiative that is the construction of a fragment of an 18-meter bridge, entirely made of cardboard and held in suspension by three large balloons, signed by the French artist Olivier Grossetete.

The artist of the ephemeral in the eternal city

The artifact is the result of a “flying” construction site with laboratories and workshops. The site manager Olivier Grossetête and his team are not new to this type of temporary architecture: similar works have also been installed in France, Spain, China, Russia. “For this project on Rome it was the Embassy that contacted me – explains Grossetête – we had to reflect a little on what could be the most pertinent project and after reflection we thought of a bridge to continue the story a bit. of the Ponte Farnese begun by Michelangelo … “

A bridge between the ages

The Ponte Farnese, which is built with a project with the artistic name of “Ponte fra le Epoche”, was inaugurated on July 13, with the lifting of the work in the stretch of the Tiber near Ponte Sisto where it will remain suspended until July 18, only to be uninstalled, and eventually entirely recycled.

The memory of history

To conceive the suspension bridge Grossetete was inspired by the project that in the sixteenth century was commissioned to Michelangelo by Pope Paul III with the aim of creating a connection between Palazzo Farnese and the gardens that the family owned on the other bank of the Tiber, where it stands today. Villa Farnesina, seat of the Accademia dei Lincei. The project was abandoned on the death of Pope Paul III.


Ponte Farnese Rome floats cardboard

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