Scauri, the Youth Jazz Orchestra of Rome in concert

Monday 19 July at 9.15 pm at the Mallozzi Arena in Scauri, via Lungomare Nazario Sauro, 121, the Popular School of Music of Testaccio, in collaboration with the Municipality of Minturno and the JazzFlirt Association, presents a concert by the Orchestra Youth Jazz of Rome (OGJ) directed by Mario Raja.
After having dealt with the music of three jazz giants (Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Thelonious Monk) in recent years, OGJ engages with his own original compositions.
Every jazz musician is an impromptu composer. The practice of improvisation, the wealth of harmonic and formal construction skills required of every jazz player make him potentially a full-fledged composer.
The style of every jazz player is reflected in their compositions in a way that is always unique and recognizable. This program will give young musicians the opportunity to get involved and make the public discover new aspects of their personalities.
Mario Raja coordinates the work of the young musicians / composers harmonizing the work of all to obtain a sort of suite.
The original compositions are by Mario RAJA, Alessio BERNARDI, Simone SANSONETTI, Andrea SAFFIRIO, Alessandro BINTZIOS.
The Orchestra, made up of young people under 35, was born in 2017 on the initiative of the Popular School of Music of Testaccio which, after having launched a city call, selected 14 young musicians.
One of the main purposes is to better develop the potential of individual performers in the collective experience of the ensemble, placing itself as a professional reference point for young musicians as well.
The project is supported by the Lazio Region with the 2021 Single Fund on Live Entertainment and includes an overall program of twelve concerts that will take place from 18 July to 4 December in the Municipalities of Bassano Romano, Minturno, Calcata, Artena, Cantalupo in Sabina, Paganico. Sabina, Ostia and Rome.


Scauri Youth Jazz Orchestra Rome concert

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