double sex life, tragic turning point – Libero Quotidiano

double sex life, tragic turning point – Libero Quotidiano
double sex life, tragic turning point – Libero Quotidiano

Turned into the investigation into the murder of Paolo Eletti, the 58-year-old from Reggio Emilia killed on 24 April with five hammer blows to the head in his home in San Martino. According to investigators, it was his son, the 33-year-old Marco, who took his life. And the motive would be shocking: the young man would discover his father’s secret and would not accept it. What secret is it? Mr. Eletti would lead a double life.

The victim was married to Sabrina Guidetti, 54, who on the same day of her husband’s murder was found in the house intoxicated by benzodiazepines, with a cut in her arm and reduced to death. Elected, however, he would also live another life, of which no one was aware. The 58-year-old would have recognized himself in a different gender identity and would have had extramarital affairs. In particular he would have practiced the so-called crossdressing, which consists in disguising oneself in the opposite sex to one’s gender.

When his son Marco, a clerk and thriller writer, discovered everything, he would have quarreled heavily with his father to the point of killing him. This is what was reconstructed by the Reggio carabinieri, as reported by the Day. There are, however, still several knots to be solved. In fact, the 33-year-old would have tried to get rid of his mother as well. Regarding the double life of Eletti, the carabinieri discovered that the man had opened a Facebook profile with a false name since June 2020, through which he tried to contact people with the same sexual preferences as him. The son is now in custody in prison in Modena. The charges against him are murder aggravated by premeditation, futile motives and kinship with the victims and finally attempted murder of the mother.

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double sex life tragic turning point Libero Quotidiano

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