the events of the weekend in Milan

the events of the weekend in Milan
the events of the weekend in Milan

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The weekend is coming and Milan is preparing to experience the many events scheduled, from the concerts of theSforza summer up to the shows of AriAnteo, the film festival spread throughout the city. Even if there will be small troubles, such as the transport strike scheduled for Friday, the weekend will certainly not be boring!

Our spiegoneweekend is always here to collect the best weekend events in Milan and give you the ideas to experience every minute of the upcoming weekend!

Weekend weather

The weekend weather in Milan will be warm and sunny, although there will be scattered thunderstorms. To learn more about the day-to-day weather forecast, our guide will show you average temperatures and climate tips.

News of the week

Weekend events not to be missed

  • The FAI Summer Evenings, dedicated to the exploration of palaces and gardens throughout Italy at sunset and sunset. The locations in Milan and Lombardy and the calendar of events
  • Ritorna in the courtyard of the Royal Palace, at the Incoronata and in the gardens of the Triennale AriAnteo, one of the most popular summer film festivals in Milan.
  • Goes on the Sforza Summer, with concerts, dance and theater in the heart of one of the best known and most loved monuments in Milan. All the info and the July program.
  • The evenings of Laughs Milan! The space of the former Porta Genova railway yard will once again host concerts, exhibitions and events of all kinds. The July program.
  • Back for the tenth edition Palazzo Marino in music, the review that every year offers free concerts in the splendid Sala Alessi of the sixteenth-century Palazzo Marino, seat of the Municipality of Milan. Sunday 18 July at 11 am the festival continues with three generations of pianists connected by a very specific genre: jazz. On stage Giuseppe Vitale, very young and talented, Simone Daclon at the height of his artistic activity, expert pianist, teacher and concert player, and Gaetano Liguori, in fact the one who introduced free jazz in Italy in the 70s.
  • At the Garden Steflor in Paderno Dugnano until August 1st. Until August 1st there will be the “Succulent Plants – Pungent Passion” exhibition, thanks to which visitors can be catapulted into a wonderful Mexican landscape. On display there will be a thousand varieties of plants with centuries-old, high-impact, unusual and rare species. The protagonists will be the Pachycereus, the Opuntia, the Myrtillocactus, the Euphorbia, the Echeveria, the Crassula and many others.
  • Scalo Milano Outlet & More announces a special summer appointment, Scalo Milano Golden Hour, to be held Thursday 15 July from 6 to 10 pm at the Food Court. You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants in the Village and from 6 pm guests can enjoy an aperitif or dinner accompanied by the voice and piano of Patrick Nigro, an artist with over 10 years of experience, who will range from classic to modern. Starting at 8 pm the voice of Caterina Desario will join the pianist.

Theater and music in Milan: the weekend shows

  • Concerts in Milan: all the updated dates of the 2021 live shows
  • Salmo Stadi: the new dates of the 2022 tour
  • Last: all tour dates moved to 2022
  • In the frame of Festival of Villa Arconati-FAR, Friday 16 July at 8 pm will be held the concert of ALJAZZEERA feat. FRANKIE HI-NRG MC (€ 13.00 + ddp), while Saturday 10 July will be a guest of the MONI OVADIA review with “Beyond the borders – Jews and Gypsies” (18 euros + ddp)
  • Saturday 17 July, from 8 pm, at Clèr in via Bressanone 8, Milan, with IL CAIRO. The Milanese artist will present his debut EP live, “Scirocco”, published in June by Musica Distesa, distribution Peer Music Italy. Class ’97, IL CAIRO made its debut with the songs “San Siro” and “Posto di Block”, which immediately entered the playlists “Scuola Indie” by Spotify and “Top hits Italia” by Peer Music, and “90 Circolare Destra”, and was a finalist for the 2021 Bindi Award.
  • Al Cooperative Theater, Saturday 17 July starting at 6pm closes with a debate Seeds. Genoa, 20 years later: another world is still possible. Following at 7.45 pm it will be staged Never dead by and with Renato Sarti; is the second show in the trilogy July 2001- July 2021, which the Teatro di Via Hermada proposes for the month of July 20 years after the events of the G8 in Genoa. Sunday 18 July at 7.45 pm will go on stage Never dead by and with Renato Sarti. The cost of the ticket to attend both events is € 10.
  • On 15 and 16 July at 8pm IL MURO TRASPARENTE will be staged at the Franco Parenti Theater. DELIRIUM OF A SENTIMENTAL TENNIS PLAYER curated by Monica Codena, Marco Ongaro and Paolo Valerio. Max faces the crisis of his life as he always has: playing tennis. It is measured with the passion of tennis and the love passion. Play, think, tell, debate. Emotions and obsessions emerge. Moments of silence alternate with shouts of defiance, almost desperate, of a man struggling with hierarchies of feelings that are poured into one another. Solutions become problems, the competitive spirit of falling in love fades into the rivalry between loneliness and life. Will he have the breath to finish the game? Max punctuates his outburst by dribbling almost a thousand times… against the audience. But he observes protected by a transparent wall, a Plexiglas wall. Prices: I sector: full 22 €, II sector: full 18 €; under26 / over65 € 15; conventions € 15, sector III: full € 13.50; under26 / over65 10 €; conventions 10 €

Art and exhibitions in Milan

  • Milan museums: timetables and info for the visit
  • The exhibitions are back: the exhibitions not to be missed in the city
  • The lesser known museums in Milan: the exhibition spaces to discover
  • The free exhibition of the multifaceted international artist Sonia Santagostino, founder of ONSTAGE STUDIO, is called “The rebirth of man in nature”. until July 31st at the “Cascina Nascosta” in Milan, an oasis immersed in the nature of the Sempione Park. Fifteen shots of the author, which try to tell one of the most coveted places by tourists from all over the world, such as Iceland, a place where time has stopped, where nature dictates the law on man, which adapts here to its rules bowing to its immaculate primeval beauty.

Activities for children and families

  • Friday 16 July, at the PIME museum in Milan children aged 6 to 11 – accompanied by their parents, will be able to discover the secrets of tea, an essential drink in the culture of Asia and in particular of China. After a moment inside the museum rooms, with the help of paper cups, tempera and fantasy, the little visitors will learn to make their own teacup with the stencil technique, inspired by the white and blue floral decorations of the porcelain. kept in the Museum. The initiative is part of the Museum Summer Lab cycle. To participate (reduced costs): children € 3 + € 5 for the activity. Accompanying persons: € 3.
  • APS Il Mecenate, managing body of the theatrical season at the Delfino in Milan, proposes from 16 to 18 July a review of shows, walks, cyclomechanics, repair and cycle tours at Fucine Vulcano (Via Cavriana 38 Milan). Friday 16 July at 8 pm the circus show for children aged 5 and up will be held, “Il giro della piazza”. On Saturday 17 July at 4.30 pm the show “Vegetables all’arrembaggio” will be held, always from 5 years upwards. At 9 pm it will be the turn of the gospel show Rejoice Summer Edition. The Literary Walk in Cascina will be held on Sunday 18 July, suitable for children aged 11 and up. Show Tickets: Full € 10 – Reduced under 12 € 7, Only for Boarding vegetables single ticket € 7, only for Rejoice Gospel Choir single ticket € 10

Cinema: events and films not to be missed

Gastronomy and restaurants in Milan

Trips out of town

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  • The most beautiful places in Garda recommended by those who live there
  • Curon and Lake Resia: the mysterious history of the submerged village
  • The most beautiful mountain walks near Milan
  • The most beautiful beaches less than two hours from Milan
  • Trip to Mount Sighignola, the Balcony of Italy
  • Excursion to Clanezzo, a walk through history
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  • What to see in Como: from the center to the lakefront to the Volta lighthouse
  • Trip to discover Annecy: from the small village to the fairytale castle
  • Trip to discover the castles in Lombardy, from Bergamo to the lakes
  • A tour of the royal residences in Lombardy
  • Trip to Soncino: what to see from the Castle to the most beautiful small village in Italy
  • Three ideas for trips out of town starting from Milan
  • Castles in Lombardy here are some of the most beautiful and unmissable
  • Villa Monastero: house museum and botanical gardens on Lake Como
  • Trip to Lecco: lakeside and places of the Manzoni
  • Trip to the medieval village of Grazzano Visconti
  • Sunday 18th July will take place at Cremona in Piazza Stradivari Piazza della Pace and Cortile Federico II the usual Antiques and Modern Antiques Market “A jump into the past”. From 8 to 19 almost one hundred exhibitors will be arranged in the Central Piazza Stradivari, Piazza della Pace and in the ancient Federico II Courtyard. It will be possible to browse through antique and modern furniture, find objects in silver, porcelain, bijoux, watches, old books (even from the 18th century) or editions now unavailable in the bookstore. Record collectors will be able to discover rare editions or those that have been milestones in the history of music. Perfectly restored, the sophisticated HiFi of the 70s or 80s can be purchased to listen to the warm and enveloping sounds that characterized them.
  • Al Padernello Castle, a majestic fifteenth-century manor of the Lower Brescia, returned to life thanks to a restoration that saw the community at the forefront, on some special nights of the year, the drawbridge descends over the moat to welcome the lucky visitors ready to seize the deeper and hidden soul of the castle. The guided tours at night discovering the secret life of the castle take place Friday 30 July, Friday 6 and Sunday 8 August 2021 from 21.00 to 22.30, at the price of 18 euros per person. Reservations are required on the castle’s website: only 25 places available.
  • Back in the suggestive scenery of Villa Tittoni Traversi in Desio, the tenth edition of Parco Tittoni festival: until 5 September 2021 over three months dedicated to music and live shows, with a schedule full of news and special events, from art to theater, to cinema and gastronomy. Rumatera will perform on Friday 16th July at 9pm. Bullo, Gosso, Sciukka, Rocky Giò, who together are Rumatera, have put together the language of the province of Venice and the punkrock sound of the Californian school of the 90s, ending up building a style of undoubted originality in the Italian music scene. Saturday 10th July NASTY SATURDAY will be held: The formula is the classic one on Thursday, the laps at the counter are typical of Saturday night. The offer of 2 drinks for 10 euros and a double beer for 8 euros has been confirmed. On Sunday 18 July the Bardomagno project, a musical collective that reinterprets the most famous pieces of the Italian musical tradition in a satirical key, will perform from the successful Facebook page “Feudalism and Freedom”, et vergando – ex manu et ex novo – its own compositions. Their first work is a true concentrate of folk rock music with neo-medieval lyrics.

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