In Milan, the first statue of a woman will be dedicated to Margherita Hack

It will be the ‘lady of the stars’, the astrophysicist Margherita Hack, the first woman represented in a statue in Milan. The first of a process begun to reduce that gap – 121 men, zero women – in the city’s public monuments. The initiative is conceived and promoted by the Deloitte Foundation in co-planning with Casa degli Artisti and is supported by the Municipality of Milan – Art Office in Public Spaces.

After an analysis by the Deloitte Foundation to identify the most suitable profile, the astrophysicist, academic and scientific popularizer, who died in 2013, a pioneer in her field and a free thinker even outside the STEM subjects, was chosen. 2022 will coincide with the centenary of his birth, and for the spring of next year the donation to the city of Milan and the inauguration of the statue are planned.

March 8, but in Milan where are the statues of women?

by Elisabetta Piselli

06 March 2021

The construction project has already started. Casa degli Artisti is inviting a selection of Italian and international artists to participate in the ideas competition. The winning project will be selected by a jury of experts and experts: the winning artist will be in residence at Casa degli Artisti, who will provide her with the necessary support for the realization of the work. Finally, the sculpture will be donated to the Municipality of Milan and the Deloitte Foundation will take care of the maintenance for the years to come.

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