«Most of the cases are in Rome. Green Pass is needed to avoid closures “

«Most of the cases are in Rome. Green Pass is needed to avoid closures “
«Most of the cases are in Rome. Green Pass is needed to avoid closures “

Most cases of Delta variant and a Roma. In particular, «two thirds» throughout the Lazio they are concentrated in the territory of the capital, as indicated by the regional health councilor Alessio D’Amato. Therefore the new mutation of Covid, more contagious, is now prevalent. And “the positive cases are destined to increase,” continues the commissioner. But “thanks to vaccinations” there are “no particular burdens on the hospital network.”

Delta variant, who gets infected

66% of Delta variant cases are under the age of 30, and the median age of cases is 29 years. Furthermore, 76.5% of cases with Delta variant result not vaccinated. If we also consider those vaccinated with a single dose, the percentage exceeds 90%. “It is clear that this pandemic, in the coming weeks, will mainly affect those who have not been vaccinated,” D’Amato specifies.

Green pass to avoid closures

There is debate these days whether to make the Green pass also for restaurants and clubs, as happened in France. And given that the cases of the Delta variant are destined to increase, D’Amato emphasizes that “the tool of the green pass serves to keep activities open, rather than going towards generalized closures, which risk penalizing those who, instead, with great civic sense, they have carried out the vaccination course ». D’Amato then launches an appeal to the executive: “Let the government regulate the best possible methods, which can also be gradual in relation to the epidemiological trend”.

Green pass, what to do if the text message with the code does not arrive: all the indications from the Ministry of Health


cases Rome Green Pass needed avoid closures

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