In Milan oil slows down together with oil prices, Cucinelli in red

The situation in the currency is stable with the single currency and the pound registering slight gains on the greenback, marking progress respectively of 0.05% to 1.184 and 0.03% to 1.386, while the cross between the American currency and the yen drops 0.15% below 110.

In bonds, the US 10-year bond yield is down to 1.324% after the reassurance of the Fed president, Jerome Powell, on inflation, The 10-year BTP yield also falls to 0.702% with the BTP / Bund spread remaining stable to 103 points. The commodities front has been contrasted, with oil prices falling after yesterday’s news on the agreement between OPEC + and the United Arab Emirates that will allow the country to increase its production quota up to 3.65 million barrels: the WTI lost 1.57% to 72 dollars a barrel, while Brent also fell, which lost 1.35% to 73.78 dollars. Bullion rose 0.39% to $ 1,832 an ounce.

In Piazza Affari to follow Brunello Cucinelli (-4.21% to 49.14 euros), after Fedone, the company that holds the absolute majority of the company, sold 0.95% of the share capital of the company through an accelerated procedure. Also to be followed are Digital360 and Revo who will publish the quarterly accounts today.

They follow the oil trend and the oil sector opens in the red, with Tenaris losing 1.81%, Eni 1.31% and Saipem 1.01%. Banks are also holding back with Banco Bpm falling to 0.95%, Banca Generali to 0.89%, Unicredit losing 0.87%, Banca Mediolanum 0.81% and Intesa Sanpaolo 0.80%, while Mf Milano Finance writes that banking risk does not take off. (All rights reserved)


Milan oil slows oil prices Cucinelli red

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