Mango theft with shielded bags in Milan in Corso Buenos Aires

Mango theft with shielded bags in Milan in Corso Buenos Aires
Mango theft with shielded bags in Milan in Corso Buenos Aires

Mr. Melley
July 15, 2021 12:34 pm

They had devised a “group” tactic to carry out thefts in stores using the “classic” bags shielded with aluminum, managing to strike several times in the same store and keeping in touch via earphones. But the police, who were patrolling Corso Buenos Aires, observed the scene and framed the three criminals, arresting them.

It happened on the afternoon of Wednesday 14 July. In action two women (one of them with a clean record of 22 years, the other of 38): they entered the shop of Mango and, shortly after, they went out looking suspicious, inevitably attracting the attention of the police. Both had a bag: they exchanged them and one of the two went back into the shop while the other reached a car parked nearby, where a 26-year-old man with some precedents was waiting for him.

Warns the accomplice of the police check

The agents, approaching the car, saw that the man and the woman fumbled in the bag, so they intervened: inside there were nine items of clothing clearly stolen, with a total value of about 500 euros. During the surgery, the woman made a communication in Romanian with the headset. He was alerting the accomplice of the police check.

And in fact, at the same time, other agents (who were keeping an eye on the youngest, who had returned from Mango with an empty bag) noticed that the girl was suddenly emptying her bag, putting down some items and then leaving quickly. She was also stopped. All three are now under arrest, charged with aggravated theft.


Mango theft shielded bags Milan Corso Buenos Aires

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