Khaby Lame, shopping, ice lolly and sympathy in Milan with the designer outfit

Khaby Lame, shopping, ice lolly and sympathy in Milan with the designer outfit
Khaby Lame, shopping, ice lolly and sympathy in Milan with the designer outfit

Suitable for this occasion

Everyone now knows Chiara Ferragni. The most famous influencer of our country and one of the most popular in the world cannot take a step without being photographed. After all, you have based your career on the constant sharing of your life, from the family sphere to work projects. Chiara boasts 24.2 million followers on Instagram. However, there is a guy who recently beat his record as the most followed Italian influencer: Khaby Lame.

Everyone follows Khaby

But who is this 21-year-old born in Senegal and moved to Chivasso since he was little more than a baby? Already well known among the very young, Khaby Lame recently jumped to the headlines precisely for having exceeded the number of users of Ferragni, now he has 29.3 million. Khabane, known as Khaby, however, is known above all on TikTok, where he publishes short and hilarious videos daily to the delight of his 87 million fans. In short, he is the new star of the web.

Out and about with friends

Always committed to creating captivating new content, Khaby Lame he also finds time to enjoy the well-deserved fruits of his work. The TikToker enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with friends in Milan, the city where he now lives. First a lunch in Corso Garibaldi then a stroll among the boutiques for some shopping. There was no shortage of selfies with the many people who recognized him. He, always available and sunny, willingly lent himself for the shots. Finally, in the heat of July, Khaby bought a mint popsicle before being taken home.

The designer outfit

To stroll around the Milanese capital, Khaby Lame she opted for a casual and comfortable outfit but with a sure impact. The blue short-sleeved shirt with a graphic design by Marcelo Burlon County of Milan (391 euros) does not go unnoticed. At the foot Khaby sports a pair of sneakers Nike Jordan (465 euros) in shades of beige, a model for a true influencer (SEE THE FEDEZ SHOE COLLECTION). Finally, how can we not notice the jeans? Curled at the ankle, they designed Sasuke Uchiha, one of the protagonists of the Japanese manga Naruto. The accessory that stands out the most, however, is her contagious smile!

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Khaby Lame shopping ice lolly sympathy Milan designer outfit

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