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It will be that of Margherita Hack the first sculpture on public land in Milan dedicated to a historic female figure. The initiative is conceived and promoted by Deloitte Foundation in co-design with House of artists and is supported by the Municipality of Milan – Art Office in public spaces. The choice fell on the “Lady of the stars” as – explain the promoters of the initiative that will materialize in 2022, on the occasion of the centenary of her birth – pioneer in its own field, symbol of ransom able to inspire entire generations and at the same time bearer of universal values ​​and free thinker even outside of his Stem knowledge. Margherita Hack, who passed away in Trieste on 29 June 2013 at the age of 91, was undoubtedly a special woman, nonconformist and with multifaceted interests. In one word. Astrophysics (she graduated in Physics in her Florence in 1945), academic but also brilliant scientific popularizer.

Modern woman

In his youth he successfully practiced basketball andAthletics and was also a high and long jump champion in university championships. During the twenty years it has embraced the fascism until the day the racial laws were enacted, in 1938, and in the years to come he sympathized first with the radicals and then with the communists. Convincedly atea, she married the scholar Aldo De Rosa in a religious ceremony only to be named Gay Person of the Year “in 2010 for her activities in favor of civil rights and the legal recognition of couples homosexuals. She fought for euthanasia (she was enrolled in the Luca Coscioni Association) a right, “a way to relieve a suffering man from punishment” as she said. She had chosen not to have children but she was one animal rights activist invited (I loved it cats) and vegetarian since childhood.

The centenary

As mentioned, 2022 will coincide with centenary of the birth of Margherita Hack: the donation to the city of Milan and the inauguration of the work in the spring of next year will pay the right tribute to an anniversary of absolute importance. The construction project has already started. Casa degli Artisti is inviting a select group of Italian and international artists to participate in the ideas Contest. The project ideas received will be presented to the public in the spaces of Casa degli Artisti and the winning project will be selected by a jury of experts and experts in the course of next autumn. The winning artist will be in residence at the Casa degli Artisti, which will provide her with the necessary support for the creation of the work. Finally, the sculpture will be donated to the Municipality of Milan and the Deloitte Foundation will take care of the maintenance for the years to come.

Deloitte Foundation

“The first sculpture on public land in Milan, in the name of an extraordinarily prominent female figure – Paolo Gibello, president of the Deloitte Foundation – represents a goal, but at the same time also a starting point. With the hope that it will be the first of a long series of works destined to finally fill a gap in relation to women, stems in particular, rarely or almost never represented in monuments of this kind. Not only in Milan, but also in Italy as well as all over the world. Already in July 2020, our first Observatory had highlighted the fact that only a quarter of the members of the stem faculty are women, with a heavy gender gap for these profiles. The testimony and redemption of life of Margherita Hack must be a model for all the stem women of the future because we must push more and more to attract and train female talents and make them a pillar of our growth ”.

House of Artists

Per Valentina Kastlunger, president of Ats Casa degli Artisti: ” This project is an extraordinary opportunity to give substance to that exchange and mutual support between art and the society that Casa degli Artisti hopes will characterize his work. Give the city a work full of meaning e stimuli for the new generations. It concretely supports artistic work by formulating a clear commission, within which to leave freedom to artistic choices. It involves Italian and international artists in a competition of ideas in which each proposal can be told and enhanced. It accompanies the creation and installation of the chosen work in the public space of one of the most important European cities. A project that we hope will generate listening, reflection and debate, so that change can be generated from the movement “.

the municipality of Milan

“This administration has always been committed, on various fronts – from art to science, from toponymy to sport – he explains Filippo Del Corno, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan – in recognition of the multifaceted female talent: a commitment that concerns the history, present and future of our communities. This is why we are proud to have accompanied the Deloitte Foundation in this project which, also thanks to the support of the Art Office in Public Spaces, will see the creation of a new contemporary work capable of enhancing not only the contribution of humanity and ability of a great scientist , but also the work of the artists called to design the monument dedicated to her “.

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