Green Pass Italy, Codacons attacks: “Like France? Unacceptable”

Green Pass Italy, Codacons attacks: “Like France? Unacceptable”
Green Pass Italy, Codacons attacks: “Like France? Unacceptable”

Establish the obligation to Green Pass ‘Macron model’ in France Also in Italy? “Unacceptable and unacceptable. It would be very serious, an obligation that is not proportionate e detrimental to constitutional rights which guarantee the main personal freedoms. We will defend anyone who will be discriminated against in their inviolable rights of freedom. “This was stated in an interview with Adnkronos by the president of the Codacons Carlo Rienzi who, in the aftermath of the bombshell announcement by French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron to introduce the mandatory green pass and vaccination obligation for health professionals in France, immediately clarifies that the possibility of a similar measure in Italy would not be welcomed.

“The hypothesis of establishing it here with us is not feasible – explains Rienzi – On the other hand, we have already had it judgments also of the TAR which rejected the compulsory nature of vaccines and many other impositions in the health sector “. The reference of the president of Codacons is, among others,” to sentences 10047 and 10048 of 29 September 2020, with which the Lazio TAR annulled the order of the Lazio Region which established the influenza and pneumococcal vaccination obligation for over 65s and for all health personnel, under penalty of temporary inability to work for health personnel and for people over 65 years of age, the inability to access elderly centers or other meeting places “, Rienzi recalls .

An obligation to have a green pass, or vaccination, in our country “would immediately end up in front of the judges and would therefore be canceled it would create more chaos than anything else “, insists Rienzi. Which offers politicians a “more effective and common sense” strategy. “We need to work with conviction – says the president of Codacons – and if anything, give ‘extra’ things to those who have the green pass, but certainly not take something away from those who don’t have it”.

An example? “For example, you can decide to give an extra night in a holiday stay, have the guest find bonuses, a bottle of wine upon arrival, something that ‘gratifies’ the holder of the health certificate – Rienzi emphasizes – but not you can take away from those who do not have the right to go on vacation, to move, to enter places if they still respect the rules “. And he reiterates: “We are here, available and ready to immediately defend anyone who will be discriminated against in all legal offices“.


Green Pass Italy Codacons attacks France Unacceptable

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