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Important news on the subject of sustainable mobility in the city: there is also Milano between ComuniCiclabili 2021. The Lombard capital is among the new municipalities that have received from FIAB – Italian Federation of the Environment and Bicycle la yellow flag of Italian cycling for the current year. The announcement was made today 15 July on the occasion of the virtual event that took place this morning for the delivery of others 59 yellow flags 2021, with which the fourth edition of FIAB-ComuniCiclabili closed, the recognition of the Federation that evaluates and certifies the degree of cycling of Italian municipalities, accompanying them on a virtuous path towards bike friendly policies. Now the FIAB-ComuniCiclabili circuit today groups 151 cities all over Italy, from the villages to the regional capitals and they represent more than 18% of the Italian population, that is 11 million inhabitants.

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Sustainable mobility in the city: how to become Cyclable Municipalities

The first phase, essential, for be part of the Cyclable Municipalities is to want it. To be precise, each municipality that intends to be evaluated must send its application. The recognition of ComuniCiclabili attributes to the localities and their territories a score from 1 to 5 assigned on the basis of several parameters and indicated on the yellow flag with the “bike-smile” symbol.

The analysis method is structured in four areas of evaluation: the municipality must possess at least one requirement in the areas of urban mobility (urban cycle paths / infrastructure, traffic and speed moderation), governance (urban mobility policies and services), communication and promotion and – fourth but not mandatory for the entrance assessment – cycle tourism.

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In terms of sustainable mobility in the city and, more specifically, the promotion of cycling mobility, nine municipalities entered this morning thanks to full compliance with the criteria implemented by FIAB, including Milano. In addition to the metropolis, another Lombard provincial capital is now part of it: Lecco. The 9 new entry today bring to 22 the total number of new municipalities that have joined the network this year. “For the other 129 ComuniCiclabili it was a renewal, aware of the commitment and perseverance that the project requires from the administrations for an articulated development of cycling”, specifies the Federation in a note.

Among other new entries there is also another Lombard: Rescaldina (Milan). Moreover, from today also Cervia (Ravenna, which obtained 4 bike smileys) and Copparo (Ferrara) for Emilia Romagna are part of it; Jesi (Ancona) and Porto Recanati (Macerata) for the Marche; Capaccio Paestum (Salerno) for Campania; Abano Terme (Padua) for the Veneto.

Bicycle on the Naviglio in Milan

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Milan among the Cyclable Municipalities: that’s why

The the municipality of Milan is part of the MunicipalitiesCyclable for various reasons. FIAB reported among the reasons: the capillarity of bike sharing such as to have contributed to triggering the transition to new daily habits, interventions for the traffic moderation and speed, the positive use of new light cycling tools included in the Highway Code, the decline in the rate of motorization.

The positive commitment of governance through the PUMS (Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan), which must now be fully implemented, and the tactical urban planning initiatives.

Be part of the “community” of MunicipalitiesCyclable enriches, creates sharing and elevates the sense of fare sustainable mobility in the city. As explained by FIAB itself (chaired by Alessandro Tursi), ComuniCiclabili involves the member administrations throughout the year with dedicated initiatives that go beyond the evaluation of good practices and the recognition awarded. These are high-level training opportunities on cycling issues and important opportunities for exchanging and sharing experiences with other municipalities in the network.

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