Nicola Zingaretti gives houses to squatters. The Lazio Region rewards those who occupy – Il Tempo

Nicola Zingaretti gives houses to squatters. The Lazio Region rewards those who occupy – Il Tempo
Nicola Zingaretti gives houses to squatters. The Lazio Region rewards those who occupy – Il Tempo

Daniele Di Mario

July 15, 2021

Another assist from Region Lazo ai squatters away Maria Adelaide. The building a stone’s throw from Piazza del Popolo owned by the administration of via Cristoforo Colombo e illegally occupied for 16 years will become the new headquarters of Ater Roma. Provided, however, that the same body for public housing will find new accommodation for squatters.

It’s all in black and white in the decision number 33 approved on Tuesday 13 July by a widely reworked regional council. In fact, the president Nicola Zingaretti, his deputy Daniele Leodori or the councilors Valentina Corrado, Alessio D’Amato and Paolo Orneli. Instead, there are the senior councilor Claudio Di Berardino (who signs the minutes at the bottom) and the councilors Mauro Alessandri, Alessandra Troncarelli and Massimiliano Valeriani, who is responsible for housing policies. On the other hand, councilors Roberta Lombardi and Enrica Onorati connected by videoconference. With decision number 33 of July 13, the Region orders “the direct sale for consideration of the property still improperly occupied” of via Maria Adelaide 11/14 “To the Ater of the Municipality of Rome, for the purpose of its destination as a new institutional headquarters, provided that the Company itself is able to define – prior to the sale, the procedure for the sale of the current headquarters in Lungotevere Tor di 9a availability of the same Ater to put in place the necessary operations of ‘social accompaniment’ of the occupying families through the definition of a temporary placement plan and to implement the eviction measures ».

In fact, the building in via Maria Adelaide is cleared, which will become the new institutional headquarters of Ater Roma, but the squatters will be housed in another building. In spite of the thousands of regular families on the waiting list for a council house. A maneuver that the League does not like. “With the justification of freeing the property occupied in Rome, in via Maria Adelaide at the corner of via Maria Cristina di Savoia, the Lazio Region through a council resolution gives additional social housing to the squatters – attacks the regional councilor of the Carroccio Laura Corrotti Yet another mockery which is part of a method that constantly harms those who have been waiting for years for a council house, in favor of those who live illegally ».

Currently, the building has the presence of “at least 30 families for a total of 69 occupants. But the deed of the Region traces the history of the building in via Maria Adelaide, which became regional property in 1979 as the institutional seat of offices and departments and classified as available assets. The illegal occupation dates back to 2005 when, “following the need to provide for maintenance, the property was vacated from the regional offices and in December 2005, after the release and before the work was carried out, it was arbitrarily occupied by numerous families in need of accommodation “.

It consisted of 74 families, for a total of 178 occupants. The Region, on November 15, 2007, to protect its interests, attempted mediation with the Municipality of Rome and the “Action” organization, deciding to sell the property, placing the buyer in charge of “the burden of arranging temporary of the occupants, for a period not exceeding one year, to allow the Municipality to identify a stable housing solution “for the squatters themselves. The auction base for the property was 11.8 million euros, but no one bought it, evidently no private individual considered it convenient to buy an occupied property with the obligation of having to accommodate 74 families.

So in 2014 the Region decided to revoke the alienation procedure, trying to enhance the property as the new headquarters of the Ater Roma, which, having to sell its headquarters in Lungotevere Tor di Nona, last May expressed “interest in acquisition of the property “, undertaking to find a” solution to the long-standing employment situation through the definition of a temporary / permanent accommodation plan for the current occupants “. Solution immediately accepted by the Lazio Region. “This request is shared and accepted”, reads the decision 33. In the face of thousands of families on the waiting list.

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