“We must be civil and respect those who have doubts” – Il Tempo

“We must be civil and respect those who have doubts” – Il Tempo
“We must be civil and respect those who have doubts” – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

July 14, 2021

L’vaccination obligation introduced from France to stem the delta variant of Covid-19 has inflamed the debate in Italy: is it possible to borrow that system or is it a violation of individual freedom as claimed by Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy, and Matteo Salvini, number one in the League? And how do you check that access to public places is regular? The columnist of the Corriere della Sera, Paolo Mieli, invokes common sense: “Yes to the green pass, but we must be civil and respect those who have doubts”.

The director Mieli, a guest of On air, the political talk of LA7, Wednesday 14 July, says he is in favor of a virtual or paper certificate to be able to move without limits: “We need a diagram, a certificate that testifies that a person has antibodies. This is the important thing. And I would never put antibodies on the same level with a tampon “, but Concita De Gregorio’s question on which path to pursue, obligation or persuasion, highlights:” It is obvious that that is an excuse to force people to get vaccinated. Saying that you can’t have a social life, you can’t go to restaurants or on means of transport is an incentive to get vaccinated. A persuasion not too hidden “.

Pending a decision by the Draghi government, there is a problem that can no longer be postponed: the 200,000 unvaccinated teachers. “School reopens in September, if they don’t get inoculated, do they teach in DAD?” asks conductor David Parenzo e Mieli takes an intermediate position: “We have to keep them out of the classroom and it is equally clear that the way is to discourage them not to do so. However, the word obligation contains the consequence of sanctions. What kind of sanctions are given to those who do not get vaccinated? It is one thing to say that one cannot have a social life, but one must also be civil and understand that there can be legitimate objections for oneself or one’s children without harming the community. There may be some who have doubts after the AstraZeneca and Reithera chaos that it is not understood why it has not been approved ”.

The director, known for being a supporter of restrictive measures, points out with great balance: “A person reads the newspapers, thinks that not everything is clear about vaccines and says: I remain locked in my house, I don’t go around but let me be careful , this must be legitimate, it takes a measure between rights and duties ”.

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