Green pass Italy mandatory for gyms and discos, indoor restaurants: the hypothesis-

Green pass Italy mandatory for gyms and discos, indoor restaurants: the hypothesis-
Green pass Italy mandatory for gyms and discos, indoor restaurants: the hypothesis-
of Monica Guerzoni, Fiorenza Sarzanini

Making the Green pass mandatory in Italy for events, stadiums, gyms, discos, perhaps even for indoor restaurants: the hypotheses on the government plan to keep activities open and continue social life

ROMAMandatory green pass in all places at risk of crowding. And therefore green certification to enter stadiums and gyms, to participate in events and conferences, to get on trains and planes, attend shows, dance in discos. this is the line that prevails in the government, without excluding that even for indoor restaurants it may be necessary to have a certificate proving that they have been vaccinated or are negative for Covid-19. The discussion is underway and is likely to become urgent tomorrow, after the examination of the weekly monitoring data. The Delta variant is raising the epidemiological curve in a worrying way, it is especially young people who are infected. This is why the issue of the green pass could only be envisaged for those who demonstrate that they have completed the vaccination cycle.

The increase in new cases

The data relating to the hospital wards, as well as those of the intensive care units, which are still half-empty, are comforting. But the fear that during the summer there will be a surge in the number of new daily positives and therefore remedies are sought that, guaranteeing the maintenance of open activities and the possibility of continuing social life, will allow to stop the virus race.

The risk: return to the yellow or orange band

I parameters for the classification of risk areas will be revised taking into account the number of hospitalizations, but while following different indicators it is not at all obvious to be able to avoid that within two or three weeks some regions return to the yellow band or even beyond. With regulated accesses thanks to the green pass at that point it would be for there is no need to impose other restrictions.

Italy and the French model

It will be the Prime Minister Mario Draghi – after having sought the opinion of the CTS scientists – who will have to mediate between those who now consider it essential to impose a series of obligations, such as the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the owner of Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini, and those who instead he doesn’t want to hear about it at the moment like Matteo Salvini. True, even some center-right governors believe it is necessary to be able to increase the number of vaccinated people to avoid new closures and for this reason at Palazzo Chigi they are sure that the negotiation will be successful by July. And that the Italian line invoked by Gelmini herself is followed, which does not provide for heavy restrictions and severe penalties as in France, but still makes the green pass indispensable in order to have a normal life.

Make the Green pass mandatory to increase vaccines

The obvious objective: making the green pass mandatory to enter many places can have an immediate effect the increase in the number of people who decide to get vaccinated. The campaign coordinated by General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo continues with an average of over 500,000 administrations per day, but it is mainly a matter of recalls. I am still many citizens who do not book, most of them for fear of receiving an appointment for the second dose while on vacation. But there are also those who are not at all convinced of having to do it and therefore – this is the line decided by French President Macron – could be forced to face the risk of having to give up on numerous activities.

The gatherings

We start with the places where it is easier to come into contact with strangers. L’the obligation now in force for stadiums and concerts will be renewed in view of the resumption of the football championship and other sports disciplines. Certification also required for congresses and events.

Gyms and swimming pools

Even for those who practice sporting activities in clubs and gyms, it is thought to provide the entry permit only for those who have been vaccinated, cured or have undergone a tampon in the previous 48 hours.

Green pass for restaurants: the assumptions

the thorniest topic. The managers of the premises already announce protests and the inclusion in the list of activities where the obligation will not be taken for granted. A mediation could be to impose it only on indoor premises, or by tying it to capacity.

Green pass for discos

The decision on discos remains suspended, which at the moment no one – with the exception of the Lega – is pushing to reopen. Even if in the end the mandatory green pass could serve as a flywheel to return to dancing at the end of July.

Green pass for trains and airplanes

To travel with full capacity on trains and airplanes, the green pass may become mandatory, even with vertical ventilation systems. Instead, it seems excluded that this happens for public transport where it would be difficult to carry out checks. However, nothing is excluded, especially in view of the resumption of schools and the risk of always having full buses and trams.

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