thunderstorms, hail and stop in the African heat

thunderstorms, hail and stop in the African heat
thunderstorms, hail and stop in the African heat

A cyclonic vortex arriving from France will remain positioned over our country for the whole week. There will be sunny and pleasant moments but many areas of the country will be affected by sometimes violent storms. The rains will also be accompanied by hailstorms and sudden gusts of wind. Temperatures will remain subdued, sometimes even below the seasonal average. From Thursday the depression center will move slowly towards the Center and then over the weekend it will also reach the South. The atmosphere will become, day after day, more and more unstable. The African heat, after having abandoned the northern and central regions, will also leave the South from Thursday 15.

Forecasts in the North

Scattered clouds with even intense thunderstorms over the Alpine areas since the morning. Towards evening the bad weather could also reach the plains of Veneto and Emilia Romagna. Stable temperatures.

The forecasts at the Center

Very cloudy with the possibility of rain on Tuscany, Marche and in general on the Apennine hills. Adriatic area at risk of storms. Highs slightly increasing with peaks of 30 degrees.

Forecasts in the South

Still sunny or partly cloudy weather with more moderate heat. Possible showers in the inland areas of Campania. Highs up to 32 degrees.


thunderstorms hail stop African heat

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