Raggi disrespects the Chamber, has failed

Wednesday 14 July 2021 – 19:33

Rome, De Vito (Fi): Raggi disrespects Aula, he failed

“The Region also has its responsibilities”

Rome, 14 July (askanews) – “The mayor says this is not the right place to talk about waste. I reply by saying that this is not only the right place to deal with the subject, but it is also the only one: it is here that the representatives of the citizens sit, that the budgets are approved, that addresses are given to the subsidiaries, these are specific prerogatives of the ‘Classroom and that of the mayor is an incredible lack of respect towards this body, something that I have tried to assert in all these years but it has not worked ”. This was stated by the president of the former M5S Capitoline Assembly Marcello De Vito speaking on behalf of the Forza Italia group at the extraordinary Capitoline council on the waste emergency. “We had asked for the presence of the Lazio Region – added De Vito – it is true that there is the president of the Environment Commission but we would have liked the president Zingaretti and the councilors Lombardi and Valeriani, or the executive. I remember that the Region, which also has obvious responsibilities, is led by the Pd-M5S and is blamed by this council which belongs to the M5S: we are absurd ”. “Zaghis is the ninth administrator of Ama changed in this council – recalled De Vito – Ziantoni, the third councilor for the Environment: how can you give continuity in this way, which is fundamental on a strategic issue like this? The results are on the way and they speak for themselves: this administration has failed on waste ”, he concluded.


Raggi disrespects Chamber failed

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