his father breaks his leg

his father breaks his leg
his father breaks his leg

After victory of Euro 2020 by Italy, in the beautiful country the celebrations. Accidents and absurd episodes were not lacking throughout the boot, but what happened to Nettuno, a town located on the southern coast of Rome, is truly disconcerting. A 17enne he flanked a car in the middle of the carousels and ha stole the flag of Italy to 5 year old child who was celebrating with his father. The father’s reaction was shocking and violent: he chased the boy and has him broken a leg.

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The man did not think twice: he got out of the car to chase the thief who was trying to escape into the crowd and delivered a violent kick to the leg of the boy who brought it back fracture of the fibula. Once the 17-year-old was KO’d, he was re-appropriated the flag and got back in the car, resuming the celebrations with his son.

After the theft of the flag the little one started to cry and his father got justice. Despite the boy’s bad gesture, however, now a get into troubleprobably it will be the father who was responsible for a violent and unjustifiable act.

The boy hit the leg was immediately rescued by the people present. An ambulance from 118 arrived on the scene and transported him to the hospital, where one was found 30-day prognosis. The State Police are investigating the case and have been informed of the incident. The agents are on the trail of the child’s father.

For the moment, man was not tracked down and doing so will not be easy, given the number of people who were in the square on the night of the victory party. The victim of the attack would not even be able to provide useful details to be able to track down the man, such as the model of the machine or its physical structure.

The man who hit the young man would be a individual in his 40s. In the next few hours it will most likely be possible to know more details about this absurd episode that occurred in Neptune. The investigations continue to try to track down the baby’s father.

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father breaks leg

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