Rimborsopoli Lombardia, the leader of the Lega in the Senate Romeo also sentenced on appeal to one year and eight months for embezzlement

The Milan Court of Appeal confirmed the sentence a one year and 8 months a Maximilian Romeo, current leader of the League in the Senate, for the so-called “Refundsopoli” in the Lombard regional council. Nicole Minetti, the former dental hygienist of Silvio Berlusconi, has made a bargain a year and a month, calculated continuously with the 2 years and 10 months inflicted for the ‘Ruby bis’ trial. Sentence a 2 and a half years per Renzo Bossi, the son of the founder of the Lega Umberto, to which she was however revoked the confiscation arranged in the first instance. Furthermore, the year and a half in prison imposed on the MEP was confirmed Angelo Ciocca, who in 2018 made headlines for having trampled the papers of the EU commissioner for economics Pierre Moscovici with a shoe. Accepted the plea bargain proposed by Alessandro Colucci – member of Noi con Italia – at 1 year, 8 months and 20 days. Finally, the judges declared that it was not necessary to proceed by prescription against the Brothers of Italy MEP Stefano Maullu.

In total the college chaired by Rosa Polizzi gave the green light to 11 settlements for the former regional councilors of the Pirellone, all with suspended sentences and less than two years of imprisonment. The charge, for all 51 defendants, is of embezzlement: between 2008 and 2012, according to the accusations, they had personal expenses reimbursed with public money for a total of about 3 million euros. Among the purchases also hunting cartridges, chewing gum, felt pads for chairs and the book “Mignottocrazia” by Paolo Guzzanti, bought by Nicole Minetti. And still scratch and win, prices from hundreds of euros or accounts for tables by dozens of guests. The judges substantially confirmed the sentences for the other 39 defendants, retouching however many penalties for intervening prescription for episodes relating to 2008 and in many cases revoked the confiscations arranged in the first instance.

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