Workers fired with a message on Whatsapp, crisis table at Mise. Mayor blocks truck: “They will not empty the company”

Workers fired with a message on Whatsapp, crisis table at Mise. Mayor blocks truck: “They will not empty the company”
Workers fired with a message on Whatsapp, crisis table at Mise. Mayor blocks truck: “They will not empty the company”

The mayor of Campi Bisenzio (Florence) Emiliano Fossi (in the center) meets the Gkn workers

Fired with a message on Whatsapp: the story of the 422 workers of the Gkn of Campi Bisenzio (Florence) will arrive on July 15 at the table of the Ministry of Economic Development; Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, representatives of the British multinational and the social partners will face the problems of the crisis that broke out in the middle of July, ten days after the release of the layoffs and which risks throwing the families of the employees of the automotive plant into despair. Workers who were notified by their company with a text message on Whatsapp of the mobility procedure (the unions received an email instead). Yesterday, the minister for economic development Giorgetti met with the workers, then the undersecretary Alessandra Todde, who will chair the table, announced the convocation of the meeting by videoconference for 14 July 15, with the participation of the Ministry of Labor, trade unions, representatives of Gkn Firenze, Gkn Automotive and Melrose, as well as the Tuscany Region and the mayor of Florence Nardella. The Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando, after a telephone conversation with the company, explains that he has received a guarantee from Gkn that “the comparison will take into account the contributions of the social partners”.

Meanwhile, a first administrative act against the closure of the plant came from the mayor of Campi Bisenzio, Emiliano Fossi: with an order he tries to avoid the hypothesis of dismantling the factory. The act, which has already entered into force, prohibits lorries and trucks from approaching the company perimeter: “I want to give a clear administrative and political signal,” his comment. A stance supported both by Tuscany – for president Eugenio Giani, and by the workers, who have been in permanent assembly inside the factory since Friday to guard the shed and machinery.

The factory has also put the employees on vacation but the workers entered today by passing the badge and also in the next few days we will proceed according to the normal work shifts, including nights. “We sent a Pec to the company to say that we do not accept that workers are put on vacation – explains Daniele Calosi, Fiom CGIL Firenze secretary. With regard to the table at the Mise, the convocation does not fully convince Fiom which asks that the meeting be in presence, if possible in the prefecture in Florence, and with the two ministers, that of economic development and work, in person. Precisely for July 15th, or at the latest by 16th, the unions will also direct a general strike in the Florentine area. The voice of Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti also came from the Mise for whom “unfortunately it is inevitable that these things happen, but they cannot happen in this way because we plan to ‘make the west’ not the ‘far west'”. Words that the Tuscany Region did not like. The Tuscan councilor Monia Monni said that Giorgetti has “played down by declaring a physiological situation that, on the other hand, cannot be considered acceptable”.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 – 09:17 am

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