Greta Posca A transparent and reversible overhead walkway to connect the two

Greta Posca
A transparent and reversible aerial walkway to connect the two buildings of the Arengario and enlarge the exhibition spaces. The Museo del Novecento doubles and is enriched with a hundred works from the 1980s onwards donated by a Milanese patron, Giuseppina Antognini. And if the walkway were rejected by the Superintendency, there is the alternative hypothesis: connection to the ground through the creation of a courtyard-square in relation to Piazza Duomo.
These are the two solutions conceived by the team of designers who won the Novecentopiùcento competition published in December 2020 by the Municipality, which has the architect Sonia Calzoni as its parent company, together with Pierluigi Nicolin, Ferdinando Aprile, Giuseppe Di Bari and Bruno Finzi.
The idea of ​​the catwalk creates some doubts for the officials of the Superintendency, who will have to evaluate the project, but the one conceived by the winning team is reversible, and seen from the Octagon of the Gallery it rests on the roof of the low building without breaking the view of the Martini Tower . “Attached to the beams and can be removed – explained the architect Calzoni – in addition, there is a connection on the ground floor”.
Not only. The Museum will also expand thanks to the generosity of Giuseppina Antognini who will donate 5 million euros and a nucleus of precious works of the twentieth century to the Museum. Among others there will be a Twilight by Unmberto Boccioni, so special that it looks at the development of the city and the Milanese suburbs. Then also Sironi, De Chirico, Severini, this adds value to the path we have made with great passion », explained the director of the Museum Anna Maria Montaldo. “It was always the desire to bring together the two buildings of the Arengario, an expectation of the city that comes true”. “The order has become a gamble,” added the director of Culture Marco Minoja.
In the second Arengario on the ground floor, in the arcade space there will be a bookshop, a cafeteria with tables, while an auditorium will be built on the mezzanine. The museum floors, which are located on 4 levels obtained above the arcade space, will be able to host over a hundred works, with a path that will offer new readings and comparisons starting from the Eighties up to the most current experiences.

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Greta Posca transparent reversible overhead walkway connect

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