yes to the transparent aerial walkway between the two towers of the Arengario-

yes to the transparent aerial walkway between the two towers of the Arengario-
yes to the transparent aerial walkway between the two towers of the Arengario-

It takes shape, in the heart of Milan, the project for the doubling of the twentieth century museum in the second Arengario, an investment of almost 20 million euros: the Novecentopicento international ideas competition, launched in December 2020 by Palazzo Marino, has ended: the two towers will be connected by an aerial walkway, a transparent crystal bridge. The Commission of selection, overcoming even the no of the Fine Arts that pushed for an underground connection, Louvre style, has chosen the proposal presented by the team led by the architect Sonia Calzoni, together with Pierluigi Nicolin, Ferdinando Aprile, Giuseppe Di Bari and Bruno Finzi. The project is appreciable for the maturity and awareness with which it takes full account of museum needs and related services – the motivation reads -, enhancing the pre-existing architectural structure, the urban context and guaranteeing the public character and permeability of the ground floor of the Second Arengario. The proposal provides for an increase of over 1000 square meters of exhibition space.

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Arengario, the transparent walkway between the two towers

The Museum also expanded thanks to the generosity of the Milanese patron Giuseppina Antognini who will donate five million euros to the Museum and a nucleus of precious works of the twentieth century. The museum of the twentieth century doubles and becomes unique. Ten and a half years after its opening – underlined the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala -, the museum conquers the second Arengario, occupied until today by some municipal offices. An architecturally exemplary expansion that allow the birth of a modern and spectacular exhibition complex dedicated to contemporary art. Today we met the project that will give life to this new beautiful creation made possible and unique thanks to the Pasquinelli Foundation.

There are two possible solutions for the connection between the two buildings. The first solution involves an overhead walkway, practically transparent, placed at an altitude of 19.65 meters, at the height of the third level of the two Arengari, consisting of a reticular beam fixed directly to the existing side columns of the buildings. This surgery can be considered completely reversible. The connection between the two buildings would thus have the characteristics of a third slender bridge crossing the Piazza della Scala-Piazza Diaz axis. View from the Octagon of the Gallery, in fact, the walkway would rest on the roof of the low building without interrupting the view of the Martini Tower. Conceived as a sort of proscenium, the catwalk project has a front facing Piazza Duomo characterized by transparent light walls and by a convex mirroring structure in the underlying part, able to reflect the views and movements of the square.

The second solution, alternative but still achievable even in the presence of the overhead walkway, provides the transformation of via Marconi into an external atrium of the museum in direct contact with the city.

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12 July 2021 | 13:37



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