Europeans, Italy champion of Europe: the Azzurri return to Rome – European Championships 2020

Italy champion of Europe is in Rome. The A319 of Alitalia, flight AZ 9001, coming from London Luton landed at Fiumicino airport at 6:06 am. A roar when Mancini and Chiellini appeared at the top of the plane’s steps. It is the one arrived from the dozens of airport operators who gathered under the aircraft with applause and choruses. The wildest Bonucci, who sang “We are the European champions”. Souvenir photos and thanks to all the Azzurri, who appeared enthusiastic and moved. The players and staff were taken directly alongside the plane and boarded the bus which then left the Roman airport at 6.30 am, under a large escort of the police, from a decentralized gate to the hotel. From a distance up to the aircraft stand the echoes of the trumpets of about 300 fans in the arrivals area.

Shortly before exiting the decentralized gate of Fiumicino, the captain got off the bus with the cup in hand, raising it in front of a few dozen more fortunate fans who had broken away from the bulk waiting at the Terminal, reaching the area much further away from the airport than the terminals. Running towards the bus, choirs and enthusiasm skyrocket at the sight of Chiellini, who was followed by Donnarumma and Bernardeschi. “It’s all wonderful, what a thrill”, Jorginho had said shortly before. Federal President Gravina is also excited and moved: “It is wonderful to be back in Rome with the Cup”. The joy of the players and the coaching staff was uncontainable, manifested openly in the few tens of meters that separated them from the plane, which paraded with the tricolor and European flags from the windows of the pilot’s cabin, to the bus. Encourages for Immobile, Verratti, Chiesa, De Rossi and an ovation at the sight of Spinazzola for which the classic chorus “Spina, Spina !!” has now taken off.

A crown on the head and the cup in the right hand: so, immediately after, Chiellini arrived with the Italian national team at the Parco dei Principi, where the Azzurri will be based until the afternoon then when there will be the meetings with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella (Berrettini will also be present) and immediately after with the Premier Mario Draghi. Waiting for them at the Roman airport were about two hundred fans, a few fewer units (a hundred) in the hotel that hosts Italy. The tricolor flags, the hymn sung out loud and the chorus “we are the European champions”.


“The fact that the final took place on the day of Saint Benedict, patron saint of Europe, is a significant coincidence and, being Italian, we can say that there was his hand”, said Monsignor Melchor Sanchez de Toca, Undersecretary of the Vatican Department of Culture, responsible for the Sports sector. “We were amazed at the fair play seen in these European Championships, when it should be a normal condition. The win was the fair play and team play, in many national teams that have made the group their strength”, he added. speaking on Vatican Radio. And Pope Francis, hospitalized at the Gemelli Polyclinic, rejoiced at the victory of Italy in the European Championships and Argentina in the America’s Cup. “In sharing the joy for the victory of the Argentine and Italian national teams with the people who are close to him, His Holiness – reports spokesman Matteo Bruni – dwelt on the meaning of sport and its values, and on that sporting capacity of knowing how to accept any result, even defeat: ‘only in this way, faced with the difficulties of life, can we always put ourselves on the line, fighting without giving up, with hope and trust’ “.

“I can express good wishes from the Chancellor and the German government to the team and to the whole country for this fabulous tournament,” said the spokesman for the German government. Steffen Seibert, answering a question at a press conference in Berlin about Italy’s victory in the Europeans.

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, “said before the game that she was cheering for the Italian team and is obviously very happy with this result”, community executive spokesman Eric Mamer said. Asked about where the real home of football is – playing on the English motto ‘It’s coming home’, which became ‘It’s coming Rome’ after the Italian victory – Mamer limited himself to saying that “it is up to each of us to answer this question in our own soul and in his own conscience “but” there is no official position of the EU Commission “.

“The victory of the European football championship was a great sporting feat, a conquest of an entire nation. The whole world looks at Italy with admiration for this other goal achieved”, said the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, in a post on Facebook. “Since yesterday evening, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of many countries have been writing to me to tell me that they supported Italy: a young, close-knit, humble team that never gave up. Roberto Mancini’s guys have thrilled the athletes, and not only that, from all continents “.

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