Foreigners could not wait to return to Italy: booking boom

Foreigners could not wait to return to Italy: booking boom
Foreigners could not wait to return to Italy: booking boom

Finally, with the gradual easing of restrictive measures in Italy and in the rest of the world, and tourists they could resume traveling in recent weeks, both for business reasons but, also and above all given the summer period, for the long-awaited holidays.

Foreigners were eager to return to admire the many wonders of the beautiful country. In fact, according to the Uber Observatory on Mobility and Tourism, there is an exponential growth of active international users and the trips they make in Italy with a particular impact on Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome and Naples.

The data showed, in the period between May and June 2021, one average growth of 106% at a national level of the trips made by foreign tourists in Italy with double level of trips, for pleasure trips, in the cities of Turin, Bologna and Rome and, even, quadruple for Naples.

On the other hand, in Milan, + 71% was recorded, a percentage referring mainly to travel for work and business reasons.

Where do travelers come from? According to data from the Uber Observatory, in the first place there are US tourists with a percentage that exceeds 150%, followed by France and the United Kingdom.
Just below the podium is Switzerland and, in fourth position, Germany with the Germans who have quadrupled their presence in Italy.
Finally, in fifth position, Spain.

But the ranking continues and, from sixth to tenth position, there are Holland, Austria, Romania, Belgium and Poland.
And if the top ten ends like this, however it also reappears mobility outside Europe with travelers from the United Arab Emirates and Brazil, who doubled their presence on Italian soil in June.

Although the summer has just begun, Uber has seen a growth in rides on its platform since May, a month in which restrictions were gradually eased and international mobility was able to become a reality again.

In this way, many foreign tourists were able to start enjoying again the beauties that only Italy can offer with the immense historical, naturalistic, monumental and landscape heritage that characterizes it and makes it a desirable destination in every corner of the planet.

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