Vaccini Lombardia, neighborhood campaign in Milan for over 60s: how it works

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Milano – Vaccination campaign in Lombardy: the Region in the field in Milan for intercepting those over 60 who have not yet undergone vaccination. The announcement in this direction had already arrived in recent days. There Lombardy, first in the class for the number of doses administered in Italy, aims to convince those who – in the most at-risk segment of the population – have not yet joined the campaign. All this also thanks to the growing diffusion of the Delta variant, which is making its way into Lombardy. Although the number of infections is still low and hospitalizations are decreasing, it is certainly not possible to relax the guard. A year and a half of the fight against the virus has taught us that the effects of what has been done occur after two to three weeks. And Lombardy does not want to relive the nightmare of the end of summer 2020, with a resurgence of the circulation of the virus on the territory. The first front of the struggle is therefore that of vaccinating those over 60 years old

One will go off in the next few days special vaccination campaign for the over 60s of the city of Milan: the vice president and councilor for welfare of the Lombardy Region announced it on his Facebook page, Letizia Moratti. “In light of the rapid spread of the Delta variant and the danger of a significant increase in infections, this morning I called the sindigo Giuseppe Sala proposing the start of a special vaccination campaign dedicated to the over 60s of the city of Milan “, wrote Moratti. “In agreement with the mayor and the presidents of the municipalities – he added – this week we will organize this special campaign in the city districts through the use of campers of Areu and the administration of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose Janssen vaccine “

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Vaccini Lombardia neighborhood campaign Milan #60s works

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