Trento, the letters of the missing gynecologist: “In hospital a deep state of anxiety” | The sister: “Humiliated in the ward”

The case – Sara had arrived at the Trento hospital in November and then resigned from the health company a few months later. The email with which, a few days before leaving the post, he communicated his reasons to his manager ended up in the records of the ministerial inspectors and the scrutiny of the prosecutor. Four months ago, Sara disappeared and her car was found near the Mostizzolo Bridge, near Cles. An area notorious for the high number of people who choose it to take their own lives.

The letters – “The experience in Trento was supposed to be formative, but it generated in me a deep state of anxiety, due to which I am completely blocked and I cannot continue – wrote Sara, and then spoke of” disappointed expectations “, as reported by the Corriere della Sera, which cites the weekly Yellow – I never said no, despite the many unforeseen events and uncivil projects. It’s a bigger situation than me. With haste and frenzy you do not learn, the results obtained are only terror (…). I know I compromise, but I need help. “

The 31-year-old had also begun to doubt his prowess. “Life as a hospital will not be for everyone and I take note of it, but I was unlucky because of the contingencies.” The stress had also led the young woman to lose weight.

The sister: “Humiliated” – In an interview with Messenger, the sister of the young woman, Emanuela, says: “In the last month, she told me that it would be better if she didn’t wake up one morning. Already before she talked to me about verbal assaults. They were screams if you used an instrument in a little way. different, even if you worked well. She was discriminated against also because she was trained in Catanzaro, in the South. We do not contest the professionalism of the people, but the management of human resources. It was a punitive environment. Once, in the operating room, in front of the patient, a gynecologist slapped her hands, told her to take off her gown and that she was incapable. She felt humiliated. It was December and everything fell from there. She was afraid of being fired, she thought no one would hire her again, but she had He was also terrified of going to work. He had palpitations. He had lost seven kilos. He no longer slept, ate little, had hives. All symptoms of burnout. In the hospital, however, whoever could have seen them did not. “

“Her face was hollow, her eyes dull, she bit her nails to her skin. The GP gave her a weight loss certificate for work stress. He wanted to give her a fortnight, but she only accepted a week, she was afraid that they would no longer make her work. After the week, she was no longer on shifts, the head physician proposed Cles, which would only open in May, Sara saw it as a demotion. She worked shifts of up to twelve hours. She had a strong sense of duty, she was very respectful of the uniform, she did not complain, she gave her all and kept raising the bar. She believed that it was her fault for what happened “, adds Sara’s sister, who asks for” a stance I hope that the truth will come out and that something will be done for the people who work in that hospital. There are many answers to be given“.

Meanwhile, we investigate to understand what happened that day. The provincial health company declared the work of the internal commission of inquiry concluded. To make the case even more complicated, there was also the resignation by the general manager of the health company, Pier Paolo Benetollo on the eve of the arrival of the inspectors of the Ministry of Health.

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