“There are conditions for Conte-Grillo peace”

“There are conditions for Conte-Grillo peace”
“There are conditions for Conte-Grillo peace”

“I love the Italians and I hope that the best choice will be made for them. I believe that there is already a good job, there are all the conditions for a peace, in my opinion yes”. He affirmed it Rocco Casalino, guest of the episode of ‘Stasera Italia news’ broadcast on Retequattro, about the clash between Beppe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte.

“It happens – he added – that taken from moments like this, of misunderstanding, but then it is enough to clarify. Now I am not anyone’s spokesperson. Now I am hired by the Chamber and the Senate in collaboration; I collaborate with the Chamber and Senate and my current job is this here “, while as regards the future:” The spokesperson is usually of the Prime Minister, so maybe I will be in 2023 “. And a return of Conte to the palace “would be a possibility”.

Returning instead to the events of the 5-star Movement and the role of Grillo, “I believe – explained Casalino – that the role of the guarantor is an important and necessary role”.

As for the Zan bill, “it is a fair law. What is happening is the only bad thing in politics, when choices are made not for the good of the Italians but for political calculation. I find that you have to have a hair on your stomach that I would not be able to have. When for political calculation you are able to walk on human bodies I find it, I don’t know, I really think that there, beyond good and evil, we end up in hell, it’s really a shame More than politics, one thing that you really have to be ugly inside “he explains, responding in particular to a question about the moves of Matteo Renzi and Matteo Salvini.


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