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July 9, 2021
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Weather. New week, part one

NEW WEEK (medium-high) Definitely dynamic phase and in the name of strong thermal contrasts on Italy. The week will begin with the expansion of the North African anticyclone, at the basis of a sudden rise in temperatures in particular in the South and in the Adriatic regions. A very short-lived synoptic framework: from the North Atlantic, in fact, a new hole will approach with a great career, full of cold air at high altitude, which will reach the central Mediterranean already between Tuesday and Wednesday, triggering a significant drop in temperature and the return of showers, thunderstorms and hailstorms first in the North and then in the regions of the Center; close to the following weekend, a cold drop at high altitude between the Adriatic and the Balkans will tend to isolate itself from the sack, heralding unstable conditions and an appreciable decrease in temperatures on values ​​more suited to the Mediterranean summer also in the South, albeit in an overall more attenuated form.

19-25 JULY (medium-low reliability) – The projections of the ECMWF numerical model show the probable persistence of strong positive temperature, pressure and geopotential anomalies on the sector east of the British Isles, Scandinavia and the Baltic area. With the semi-stationary block anticyclone at high European latitudes, it is possible to hypothesize the isolation of a mild high-altitude depression circulation between Italy and the Balkans: on our Peninsula the first days of the third decade of July could be more lenient from a thermal point of view and at times unstable, especially on the Alps, Prealps, upper Adriatic and Apennine ridges.

Geopotential anomalies in the isobaric plane of 500 hPa expected from the ECMWF model between 19 and 25 July

JULY 26 – AUGUST 1 (low reliability) – A scenario that is still favorable to the persistence of the Scandinavian bloc, but with various unknowns related to possible resumption of depression activity between the Atlantic, the Bay of Biscay and the Iberian Peninsula. Dynamics that, if confirmed, could incentivize a reinforcement of thesubtropical anticyclone on the central Mediterranean e new calls of North African air towards Italy, with particular reference to the regions of the Center-South.

Geopotential anomalies in the isobaric plan of 500 hPa expected from the ECMWF model between 26 July and 1 August
Geopotential anomalies in the isobaric plan of 500 hPa expected from the ECMWF model between 26 July and 1 August

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Italy African heat strong TEMPORAL BREAKS weather trend beginning AUGUST Meteo

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