Bill Zan, at least save us from Mickey Mouse Lgbt

Bill Zan, at least save us from Mickey Mouse Lgbt
Bill Zan, at least save us from Mickey Mouse Lgbt

Okay, I understand. At nearly 30 years of age, one could solve the problem by unsubscribing baby mouse and starting to watch Netflix series. If you find one that is not homosexually correct. But in these (dark) times of ddl Zan it is worth taking advantage of every single episode to tell the pounding, but now unbearable, campaign for “Lgbtxyz + rights”.

The Disney world has changed. Even fans will have come to terms with it. In the beginning it was Mickey Mouse with pants and a T-shirt instead of red shorts. Then Donald who hardly ever gets angry and sees his proverbial bad luck fade. And Uncle Scrooge no longer so stingy and sour. From the princesses on the pea who were waiting for the blue knight, see Cinderella, we have moved on to the lonely “rebels” who to see them married at the end of the film seems a half insult. Someone has also invented the story according to which the kiss of the savior at the Sleeping Beauty it would be if not a rape at least a sexual abuse in the absence of consent. Asylum stuff.

The last frontier is support for cause LGBT. Last year he did discuss the “Pride” docuseries on Disney +: and that’s okay, let them do it. Lately some have gone mad in considering “Luca”, the last cartoon with Italy as the protagonist, a symbol of gay love because of those two children so close together. Are they just friends or a little more? Finally, in the “month of pride” 2021, Disney stores also adapted to the rainbow fashion: t-shirts from love is love, multicolor backpacks and the Mickey Mouse puppet with shorts and LGBT shoes.

I say, everything is fine. Private companies do as they see fit. But jeez, but everything must become a reason for politically correct battles? The question will appear useless: at least the fictional characters cannot be frank ground in which Scrooge gets rich, Donald barks, Mickey investigates, Paperoga causes disasters, and that’s it? If we wear a rainbow, even Black Spot in the end everything collapses: transforming light stories into instruments of ideological battle (because this is, in practice, Pride), in the end we risk destroying a dream. The dream. That is the lightness of being a comic: just imaginary events, with some underlying message. But without ideology. Otherwise where are we going to end up? Sooner or later someone will get angry because at Grandma Duck’s farm there are animals managed by other animals, the stuff of absolute discrimination. Or because Mickey has one dog as a pet and one as a best friend. Then perhaps we have already arrived: this is demonstrated by the red stickers that Disney sticks on the classics (Peter Pan, Aristocats, Dumbo) with “outdated cultural representations”. The next step will be to index content that is not sufficiently in line with the “inclusive” culture of Pride.

And so, after weeks of discussions and reasoning on the ddl Zan, one wonders: is it really necessary to oppose the day against homotransphobia at school envisaged by the text under discussion in the Senate? And if outside the classroom every opportunity is good, for companies and influencers looking for easy marketing, get on the bandwagon of the politically correct radical chic (you see Fedez e Ferragni), then every battle appears lost from the start. We are already a minority. How can parents claim “educational autonomy” in the midst of such hammering? In the end it will happen, indeed it already happens, that a senator of the Republic (spoiler: Alessandro Zan) can say live on Instagram that “there are children who perceive their own gender other than biological sex” and therefore “must be helped in a transition path”. And no one (no one!) Raises his finger to say that perhaps changing the attributes of a minor is a little early. Don’t you think so? If you have thought so, you will be pointed out as brutes. Buy yourself an LGBT Mickey Mouse, which cleanses your conscience.

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