Libya, associations write to the Draghi government: ‘Agreements are canceled’. Cross resolution ready: ‘Stop funding for those who violate rights’

Libya, associations write to the Draghi government: ‘Agreements are canceled’. Cross resolution ready: ‘Stop funding for those who violate rights’
Libya, associations write to the Draghi government: ‘Agreements are canceled’. Cross resolution ready: ‘Stop funding for those who violate rights’

Write out the chords, delete the Memorandum with the Libya. And suspend funding to the alleged Coast Guard Libyan, actually managed and infiltrated by militias and traffickers. With a letter-appeal addressed to Draghi government, 29 lay and religious associations and NGOs, gathered in Asylum and Immigration table and engaged on the reception front, have claimed the need for a clear discontinuity on the flow management front, compared to the policy in force since 2017 from the time of the Gentiloni government, with Marco Minniti Minister of the Interior, and then confirmed by subsequent executives.

A line that, in view of the discussion on the Missions Decree (expected in Montecitorio for next July 15, ed) will be however confirmed also from the current government: “We are amazed by the fact that Italy is moving forward as if nothing had happened in recent years, as emerged from the hearings of the foreign and defense ministers, Luigi Di Maio e Lorenzo Guerini, in commission. The government continues to pay for the patrol boats that also shoot our fishermen, despite the 800 deaths at sea exceeded this year, as reported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) “, he claimed Filippo Miraglia, Head of Immigration of the ARCI, during a press conference in the Senate.

“Since then, in addition to the massacre of innocents at sea, we have witnessed the intervention of the so-called Libyan Coast Guard, financed with Italian and EU resources, which operated rejections lead backendo more than 60,000 people in detention centers and above all, even more serious, in those managed by the paramilitary militias. We ask for a stop to these loans ”. Also because, they explain, there is no lack of inquiries and complaints, as the recent images of the Sea Watch video report, with the Ras Jadir patrol boat, donated by Italy, which carried out maneuvers of attempted ramming of a boat with 63 migrants on board, in the Maltese SAR area, and then fired at her.

“In these hours, the Government has sent to Parliament the resolution renewing the military missions, including the one concerning Libya and the support for the Libyan Coast Guard. Instead, it must be stopped in order to put an end to illegal rejections ”, the associations continued, also launching an appeal to parties throughout the Parliament, during the press conference at Palazzo Madama. “If it is true that President Draghi is a staunch pro-European, we wanted to let him know that in this way Europe risks drowning in the Mediterranean”, added Miraglia. The refinancing will include the same structure as regards the missions in Libya: 30 million more will be invested for the naval missions Irini and Mare Safe, while there will be no news for search and rescue. Lorenzo Guerini himself in the commission had also specified that “we will intervene only if some safe sea assets are found right next to a vessel in distress, otherwise the mission does not fall within the rescue activities at sea. This is very worrying ”, the associations recalled.

However, the appeal is received, at least for now, only by a transversal group of parliamentarians, deputies and senators, from different parties of the old Giallorossi majority: from Riccardo Magi (+ Europe), ai dem Francesco Verducci and the former Deputy Minister of the Interior Matteo Mauri, passing through the deputy and chairman of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the death of Giulio Regeni, Erasmo Palazzotto, until former M5s MPs like Doriana Sarli e Yana Chiara Ehm. Numbers that are not enough, however, to change the line. Translated, it will be a rmother of what has already been seen in past years: also last year, on July 16, 2020, the Chamber approved the renewal of international missions between the divisions of the old majority, especially on the Libya dossier, with the votes also of the center-right and among the controversies of a front that reached 23 dissidents in Montecitorio, opposed to refinancing, including the same Palazzotto and Magi, but also Nicola Fratoianni (LeU), Matteo Orfini e Laura Boldrini (Pd).

Divisions that will be repeated soon in the Chamber: “We are ready to present one alternative resolution to stop the refinancing. We have waited until today for news from the Foreign and Defense Ministers, Luigi Di Maio and Lorenzo Guerini, on the changes to the Memorandum on which the Minister of the Interior was committed Luciana Lamorgese, ma we must register the unconditional surrender of the Italian government compared to Libyan militias who manage both the alleged Libyan coast guard that human trafficking“, Palazzotto claimed.

And again: “There are costs that our country cannot afford. The support mission to the Libyan coast guard should be stopped immediately until there are effective guarantees ”. He is not the only one: “I will vote no to refinancing, we cannot pretend not to see the continuous violations of human rights perpetrated in Libyan detention centers ”, also explained dem Verducci. “We must stabilize Libya, but we cannot continue to be accomplices and perpetrators of those crimes”, is the line of the former M5s senator Gregorio De Falco.

“We expect that this year finally the Pd take a stand, Enrico Letta he has always been attentive to these issues, since with him in the government there was also the experience of Our sea. We have to start from there. But the whole Parliament takes a stand ”, Verducci himself claimed. The request is that the new secretary himself intervene, after the document approved by the party assembly at the time of the ZIngaretti management, in February 2020, asking for discontinuity, was then instead forgotten and ignored in the Chamber. “We expect a turning point from the dem ”, Is the signal directed towards the Nazarene. For years, however, beyond the changes in the secretariat, not able to archive the Gentiloni-Minniti season.

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