Party rider slaps for Italy in Cagliari, viral video – Chronicle

Party rider slaps for Italy in Cagliari, viral video – Chronicle
Party rider slaps for Italy in Cagliari, viral video – Chronicle

The controversy over the maxi gathering in Cagliari to celebrate the arrival of Italy in the final of the European football championships after the match with Spain does not subside. An evening that also led to some excess: in fact, other videos of the good evening of some youngsters appear. One of these went viral in a few hours to the point of reaching 75,000 views on Facebook.
In the amateur images shot with a smartphone you can see a crowd of young people huddled in the middle of Piazza Yenne and who, regardless of the rules on social distancing and without any mask, push a rider aboard a scooter until he falls on the asphalt. And while other young people try to appease the spirits, slaps, kicks and blows of a tricolor flag rain down on the man. Someone helps him to lift the scooter, holding other very young people in check and so the rider can resume his ride and his work.
Thousands of comments between those who shout “shame” and those who ask for more controls and those who ask for “justice” for the rider hoping that the young people will be recognized in the video and sanctioned.

“Hi Alessandro, I wish you were here tomorrow with us at the Municipality”. The rider will be received on Friday by the mayor Paolo Truzzu.

He himself tells ANSA: “He told me – explains Alessandro Ghiani, 51, who has been laughing for three years because,” there is no other job “- that he would like to have a chat with me”.

A bad experience. “But for me it’s all over – he says – of course I was scared at the moment. But I remember above all the gestures of solidarity: above all a boy and a girl who were close to me and even, thinking that my pizzas had been stolen, they wanted to repay me” .

The madness of a small group of boys was triggered after Alessandro passed a stopped bus in the crowd. “I had a clear road – he says – but suddenly I was chased by a small group. I tell the truth: they didn’t hit me in the face, but many clapped their hands on the helmet. And that hurts too. I fell because someone then gave a kick in the wheel. I was disoriented, a little scared, but not paralyzed with fear. I’m sure they wanted to get me pizzas, maybe a stunt, maybe they were hungry. I was actually carrying some beers that I had in my backpack, I didn’t have pizzas “. “I don’t understand what could have happened – he says – I pass many times in Piazza Yenne even in the midst of so many people. But it is clear that there was a different atmosphere: perhaps someone had drunk too much. The final on Sunday? No, not I will pass in Piazza Yenne. “I want to thank those who helped me – he said – when I reassured them by telling them that I was fine and that the beers were safe they told me: go and shut up, otherwise, since they didn’t find the pizzas , they steal your beers. And I continued my work “.


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Party rider slaps Italy Cagliari viral video Chronicle

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