orange weather alert, warning for possible tornadoes

orange weather alert, warning for possible tornadoes
orange weather alert, warning for possible tornadoes

A strong storm it crashed in the afternoon today, Thursday 8 July, in Milan and in the Milanese area. The arrival of bad weather had been announced by the weather forecast and the regional civil protection had issued a weather alert, initially with a yellow code, for severe thunderstorms. In the afternoon, however, the Natural Hazards Monitoring Functional Center of the Lombardy Region issued a new weather alert, in this case orange (moderate risk) again due to the risk of severe storms. The yellow alert remains yellow due to hydraulic risk on the Milan hydraulic node: the two alerts are in effect starting from the early afternoon today and until the early hours of tomorrow morning, Friday 9 July. The Municipality has activated the operations room of the Civil Protection for monitoring and activating any interventions: at the moment there are flooded streets in the city.

Bad weather throughout Lombardy

Bad weather affects all of Lombardy: in Rozzano, in the Milanese area, a sudden hailstorm has whitened the streets and fields. The natural risk monitoring functional center reports that strong or very strong thunderstorms are possible over the whole region, “with large local hail and strong gusts of wind, in the early afternoon mainly on the western sectors, then rapidly spreading to the rest of the territory . In the early evening, intense phenomena are still possible, although with a tendency to move rapidly towards the Northeast and exhaustion during the night. Over the next 12-18 hours, due to the repeated showers, consistent precipitative accumulations are also expected in the Northwest part of the remaining pre-Alpine belt “. In addition to the strong gusts of wind and the possibility of tornadoes during the passage of the storm cells, writes the regional civil protection, a general strengthening of the winds is also expected during the transit of the disturbance.


orange weather alert warning tornadoes

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