here is who in the Democratic Party is ready to sink Enrico Letta – Libero Quotidiano

here is who in the Democratic Party is ready to sink Enrico Letta – Libero Quotidiano
here is who in the Democratic Party is ready to sink Enrico Letta – Libero Quotidiano

There has been an air of discontent in the Democratic Party for days tangled up in the Zan bill. Senator dem thought about it without worrying about the consequences Mino Taricco who voted in favor of scheduling the bill against homotransphobia in the classroom, but who has no intention of vote in a poke. He remembers it Franco Bechis than on the columns of Time puts on paper the articles already contested by Italia Viva, costing a Ivan Scalfarotto insults (always by the Democratic Party) as “froc *** di m ***.”

“Ok, a law to protect against hatred and homophobic violence – begins the director of the Roman daily -, but that article one that claims to lay down the law on what gender identity is, like that article 4 that puts at risk freedom of expression and that article 7 which establishes the gender fluid Miniculpop imposing its teaching in schools of all levels and tearing apart the freedom of education that is the pillar of a free country, the senator Pd Taricco will not vote for them“.

And it appears to be in good company. Many are uncertain that can be counted between dem and grillini and that Enrico Letta until the last did not consider. Now that the final date is approaching – on July 13 the proposal goes to the Senate -, the secretary of the Democratic Party could play it all out. So much so that Bechis already has a possible scenario in mind: “The brave Enrico – he continues – had thought of making his political opponents dance to the rhythm of Zan-Zan, but the track is all uphill and if I were in Letta I would listen to the advice this time disinterested (indeed) provided by Matteo Renzi“. The risk is great:” The danger is that even his own are in the secret of the Zan-Zan urn do it to the naive secretary“. In short, the votes are not there and Letta ends up being put at the door. What’s more, taking the whole Pd with him.” Everyone – is the conclusion of Bechis – thinks as he wants, but if they prevent themselves and stamp them everywhere with brands of infamy thoughts other than yours, it is a totalitarian regime. Then call them whatever you like. Nazis? Yes, who wields like that Zan’s truncheon acts like the Nazis“.

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Democratic Party ready sink Enrico Letta Libero Quotidiano

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