Mom asks about chicken coop classes, Minister Bianchi replies: “I’m not Harry Potter.” Then he slams his hand on the table [VIDEO]

The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, as part of his speech at La Repubblica, also spoke of chicken coop classes. The minister responded in a decisive tone to the solicitations of a mother who complained that there were 29 pupils in her son’s class.

“Chicken coop classes? I am neither Harry Potter nor Albus Dumbledore, we are working talking to schools and children regional school offices, we are all working on it together because the ‘what do you do’ theory has always deprived everyone of responsibility. The political responsibility is mine and I am taking it, but we have been here for 5 months and we have inherited 30 years of problems. But, beware there is also the opposite problem, that of empty classes. There are municipalities where it is not possible to form the first classes ”.

Then he adds: “The law to eliminate the so-called chicken coop classes will be made, Parliament will do it, the Ministry of Finance is looking for coverage. It sure will. The government has committed itself in the NRP on the number of individual classes and on the sizing of school buildings. It is one of the reforms that has been asked of us ”.


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