40 degrees south. But the worst is yet to come

40 degrees south. But the worst is yet to come
40 degrees south. But the worst is yet to come

Since yesterday Italy has been undergoing a new rapid wave of summer heat caused by the African anticyclone that will bring the temperatures to exceed 40 degrees in some places in Southern Italy today and touch them in the Center. In the North, on the other hand, today the Atlantic disturbance arrives with strong thunderstorms, gusts of wind and hailstorms.
This is the second heat wave since the beginning of the summer and that “due to its rapidity, like all those that do not last more than three days, it should not cause serious harm to people”, explains Colonel Mario Giuliacci, director of meteogiuliacci.it, is destined to run out by Friday with a cooler Saturday which however will anticipate “the arrival of the third heat wave of the summer, with the African anticyclone that will return to the South on Sunday, to reach the peak of 40 degrees on Tuesday 13th ».

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However, if the peaks occur in the Apulian hinterland (in particular in the Foggia and Salento areas), in the Matera and Catanzaro areas, the cities will all in all breathe. Today, according to the bulletin of the Ministry of Health, only Campobasso has a red sticker while tomorrow in addition to the Molise capital there will be Frosinone. The capital, on the other hand, has an orange sticker today, together with Bologna, Frosinone, Perugia and Rieti, while tomorrow it returns to the yellow sticker.
But let’s see what happens in detail today, which is the hottest day of the wave. While in the South the column will reach its maximum over 40 degrees with the heat that will continue tomorrow, in Central Italy after a hot morning the first clouds should be seen that tomorrow will begin to cool the air.
Which should already happen today in the North. Saturday, on the other hand, is a day of respite throughout the peninsula while on Sunday it resumes with a new, third wave, as he anticipated to Messaggero Giuliacci. “A new wave – explains the meteorologist – always fast with temperatures of 33-35 degrees in the usual inland areas of the South and 28-32 in the rest of Italy, with the peak on Tuesday, where the inland areas of Puglia, Calabria and Sicily will reach 40 degrees, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria will be between 36 and 39 degrees, while the rest of the country should remain between 28 and 32 degrees “.
With three heatwaves in three weeks since the start of the summer we are seeing a major transformation in the climate that doesn’t look set to stop in the following weeks. From the statistics that analyze the last 50 years it appears that from 1970 to today, the average maximum temperatures across the country have registered an increase of 3 degrees and this means that the total duration of summer waves, those that reach peaks of 40 degrees, they have gone from 30-35 to the current 50 days.

So, continues Giuliacci, “during the summer we will have to think about 50 days of heat, whether in several short waves or in fewer longer waves, this cannot be predicted but certainly we should expect a similar number of days with higher peaks at 40 degrees “. And should we also expect peaks like the one that occurred in Canada last week, when some locations hit 50 degrees? “I think so – concludes Giuliacci – Eight degrees higher than the maximum peak ever reached in Lytton, a locality at the same latitude as London but which due to its conformation, a valley at the end of the Rocky Mountains, had already exceeded 40 degrees at other times, sooner or later it could also occur in Italy. In particular, I think that a similar peak could be reached from some location in the Apulian or Sicilian hinterland ».


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