Drugs at home in Aosta, six arrests – Aosta Valley

Drugs at home in Aosta, six arrests – Aosta Valley
Drugs at home in Aosta, six arrests – Aosta Valley

‘Home delivery’ operation by the financial police

On the accusation of having “organized a tried and tested drug dealing circuit, mainly cocaine, intended for a small and selected group of consumers in the Aosta Valley capital”, the financial police arrested six people. The operation – renamed ‘Home delivery’ – led to the seizure of 124 grams of cocaine and 103 grams of marijuana.
“The drug – explain the financiers in a note – arrived in Aosta through two distinct supply channels, Milan and Turin. Deliveries, on the other hand, took place strictly at home so as not to expose customers to unnecessary risks linked to possible police checks, which have now become increasingly stringent due to the health emergency “.
Launched last January, the investigations made it possible to reconstruct eight episodes of drug procurement and to ascertain about 50 sales to 25 individuals identified as regular consumers.
Those arrested are: Raffaele Salvemini (48 years old) e Andrea Marcone (59 years old), both resident in Aosta and responsible for the sales to their respective consolidated customers, from which they promptly collected orders and payments; Domenico Mammoliti (35 years old, domiciled in Aosta), active in finding drugs in the Milanese hinterland, where they operated Nicola Gaetani of Aragon (44 years old, residing in Cesano Boscone) e Vito Fornaro (46 years old, residing in Cesano Boscone); Gianpaolo Incani (56 years old, resident in Turin), contact person for procurement in the square of the Piedmontese capital. All were granted house arrest.


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Drugs home Aosta arrests Aosta Valley

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