Gigi Proietti Globe Theater, three shows for the youngest

Gigi Proietti Globe Theater, three shows for the youngest
Gigi Proietti Globe Theater, three shows for the youngest

Match with “Romeo and Juliet” by Gigi Proietti, the season of Globe Theater of Villa Borghese has three events on the bill specially designed for younger spectators.

Starting July 10, alternating between them, “Riccardino Terzo”, “There is something rotten in Denmark” e “Grandmother Lia (r) and her three grandchildren“Will be staged on Saturdays and Sundays always starting at ore 11.

We asked the author, director and actor Gigi Palla, who signs all three shows included in the “at the theater with mom and dad”, To present them to the readers of

Riccardino Terzo (from 4 to 11 years old, for everyone)

10 and 11 July – 11 and 12 September – 2 and 3 October. “Riccardino Terzo” is a kind of joyful prequel of the almost homonymous Shakespearean tragedy. The young protagonist, shy and awkward, is grappling with the tests of the Giostra del Piccolo Cavaliere and undergoes the continuous incorrectness of the two older brothers, Edoardino and Giorgetto, who aspire to win the coveted trophy at any cost. The latter, thanks to tricks and half-wiles, force Riccardino to arrive, in fact, always third in the various tests.

The show addresses the themes of loyalty, friendship and self-confidence, declining them in a very funny stage action, in which another character stands out who has met with great success among the spectators: Lady Cristabel, the godmother of the Giostra del Piccolo Cavaliere, emblem of the egocentrism and superficiality typical of television stardom, but which hides within itself a pleasant surprise that, of course, we do not reveal …

Cast: Tommaso Cardarelli, Sergio Mancinelli, Valentina Martial, Gigi Palla, Gabriela Practicò

There’s something rotten in Denmark (ages 8 to 14)

17 and 18 July – 28 and 29 August – 18 and 19 September. This show is, however, an interactive thriller aimed at younger viewers who are a little older. It is the first experiment of the initiative “at the Globe with mum and dad” dedicated to this target so difficult to “intercept”.

It tells of the theater debut of John Watson, the famous helper of Sherlock Holmes, engaged in the role of the protagonist of the most famous Shakespearean tragedy, precisely “Hamlet”.

Unfortunately, among the spectators present at the premiere there is also his friend Sherlock who will not fail to intervene in the play to highlight the “gray areas” of the events represented and propose his own interpretation, which will lead to a surprising ending.

Viewers will also be asked to participate in the survey, providing the personal deductions and interpretations of the facts they witnessed. It is a way to bring young spectators closer to this masterpiece of modern theater, which finds its place in our comedy in a substantial and, I hope, exhaustive synthesis.

Cast: Tommaso Cardarelli, Gerardo Fiorenzano, Sergio Mancinelli, Gigi Palla, Gabriela Practicò

Grandmother Lia (r) and her three grandchildren (From 4 to 12 years old)

24 and 25 July – 4, 5, 25 and 26 September. The show is obviously inspired by “King Lear”, of which it mainly takes up and develops the theme of sincerity, but also to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, by Hans Christian Andersen, which is an exemplary fairy tale on the same subject.

Our grandmother Lia (r) is an elderly queen, a bit dazed, with a great passion for acting and theater, for which she is however, alas, totally denied. Despite everything, she decides to respond to an announcement from the Globe Theater in London to become its first actress, thus renouncing the throne and consequently attracting the aims of her two granddaughters, Ragana and Gonerilla, who in every way try to cajole and incite her, following only their own advantage.

Instead, the third granddaughter, Cordelia, tries to make her grandmother reason with the only result of attracting her anger and reprimanding them.

The show, funny and at times deliberately grotesque – what a risk when there are children! – also wants to be a hymn to the third age, the perfect season to continue dreaming, planning and cultivating passions.

Cast: Tommaso Cardarelli, Sergio Mancinelli, Valentina Martial, Gigi Palla, Gabriela Practicò

Info and reservations

The box office of the “Gigi Proietti Globe Theater Silvano Toti” is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 17 to 19. For information, you can call the number 3389104467, active every day from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 16.30 to 18.30. The forms relating to the Covid protocol can be downloaded here.

Tickets can be purchased online at (click here for the Covid protocol).

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