Where to eat onigiri in Milan: 6 addresses to mark

Italians really appreciate the Japanese food and its many variations, this is now clear. For some time, in particular, the consents collected by onigiri, triangular rice balls stuffed in various ways and become famous thanks to manga. TO Milano they are quite in vogue, indeed many now consider them a must. We could not miss a selection of addresses.

  1. Onigireria by Basara (Online only). It is a concept of the Basara brand, more precisely a ghost restaurant. This means that there is no physical location and it is possible to place orders only through Deliveroo, receiving them at home. The particularity? The menu is composed not only of classic onigiri, including Tuna maio, Sake, Takoyaki, but also of versions based on the reinterpretation of Italian specialties. Very popular are, for example, the Onigiri Genovese with pesto and olives, the Bolognese one with meat sauce and the Milanese one with ossobuco and saffron rice.
  2. Rice Ball House (various locations). It is the first Italian chain specialized in onigiri, for the moment there are two stores in Milan, in Piazza Firenze 4 or in Via Fara 6. You can collect your order personally or choose between Deliveroo, Glovo, Just Eat, Uber Eats . The menu is quite wide and varied: we point out, for example, the onigiri with avocado tartare, puffed red chinoa and homemade yuzu sauce; with sautéed shrimp, chives and spicy mayonnaise, pink furikake and white sesame seeds; with sautéed carrots, courgettes, onions and soy rice. They cost € 3.90 each but there are also party boxes from € 29.90.
  3. Matane (via Gaspare Rosales 1) has brought a novelty to the city: theonigirazu. That is a mix between a sandwich and an onigiri. Among the ingredients used for the fillings we find the tonkatsu (i.e. the typical Japanese cutlet, breaded in panko and deep-fried), marinated salmon, tuna tataki, fried and breaded shrimp, tamago (the Japanese omelette). The price, depending on the ingredients, varies from 6.90 to 8.90 euros.
  4. Maido (various locations). Salmon, prawns and avocado, tuna and cream cheese: these are the fillings of the onigiri offered for 3 euros at Maido, a restaurant with two locations: one in via Savona 15 and the other in via Jacopo dal Verme. Recall that Maido was the first okonomiyaki restaurant in Italy (okonomiyaki is an egg, flour and cabbage-based omelette, prepared on the plate teppan and to which are added various ingredients including meat, shrimp and cheese) and is also present in the capital, in via Urbana 122.
  5. Gastronomia Yamamoto (via Amedei 5). It opened its doors in 2017 in the Missori area. Just the onigiri figure among the most requested dishes. As for the filling, they range from the more traditional solutions (salmon in primis, but also beef and pork) to the more elaborate ones: we mention for example the umeboshi and eel combo. They cost 3 euros. You can book a table, opt for delivery or take away.
  6. Sagami (Piazza Duca d’Aosta 10). It is a chain, the address in Milan is Piazza Duca d’Aosta 10. The specialties are noodles, but the menu also includes onigiri which, in their simplicity, they like. In short, the reviews are positive. The variants? Salmon, tuna and mayonnaise, spicy salmon. They cost 3 euros each.

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